I started to use Thrive app about four months ago, never thinking that it will be so easy to take control over my smartphone habits. Ok, I will be honest, it wasn’t easy. But first month alone was enough to notice the results. I have never owned a regular alarm clock in my life until I started to use Thrive app. Growing up it was always my mom who would wake me up for school or on the weekends. And then it was my smart phone. Just like that it was a big shift from a soothing mother’s voice to a brutally loud “Morning Flower” alarm tone on my smartphone followed by multiple snoozing sounds. My sleep has always been interrupted and with that often my day was not as productive as I would hope.
I started to use Thrive app on my Samsung to take control over social media. After I downloaded the app and set time limits on all of my apps, I didn’t realize that 2 hours limit a day on one social media app is actually very little time. Thrive brought my attention and awareness to how much time I spent on my phone, when I didn’t have to. Every time I would receive a warning notification from Thrive app, it felt tempting to change my Thrive settings, but I didn’t. After about a month of using an app I started to feel that I no longer aimlessly spent time on social media. In fact, I chose to go on social media with a purpose and within certain times of the day always staying aware of the time.
After about 2 months of using Thrive app, I ventured on a fun shopping trip and purchased an alarm clock. I also moved my smart phone wireless charger to a living room, leaving my phone outside the bedroom for the night. Thrive app brought change in my daily and nightly routines, and improved the quality of my sleep.
In addition to easy Thrive app set up and extensive settings control, I really enjoy the Thrive app design. When I am in a Thrive mode reading my book or studying something, my eyes are still tempted to look at my phone in hopes for a new “like” notification but instead they see beautiful Thrive globe with a blue glow reminding me of the precious value of the time. There is also a fun part to using an app with the ability to send automated texts to your friends and family reminding them that you currently are in a Thrive mode and will get back to them as soon as you can. And many of them did notice indeed that I have not been as often on social media as I used to, and started to question the cause for that change. My response, of course, was “Thrive”.
Thank you ThriveGlobal for putting the time and effort into this app. It does provide a lot of great benefits.