My suggestion for a present to give this year is the most expensive gift I can think of… it comes from your heart.

To give love with words—an honest, eye-to-eye truth, revealing how much the person sitting next to at dinner Christmas night means to you.

What should you offer in the name of your loved ones astrological sign’s as a present during the holidays? Here’s what I would say to you and your sign if you were sitting next to me during our holiday celebrations…


I love you for all of your energy. I love that you are always willing to fight for what is right and not turn away from any chance to jump in, play hard and share your truth. We count on you being so blunt and honest—even when it hurts. Don’t tone it down for anyone… we love you for your fire.


I love that you are so consistent. We always know you are here with us and present for whatever we need. How lucky are we to have such a solid family member to hold down the fort? Even when you may think it’s boring, we count on your steadfastness. And bring the very familiar dish you always make for Christmas.


You are so entertaining; there’s never a dull moment with you around. And while you get so excited and can change your mind at any moment, we know you are always looking to share the fun and get us ready to be with people, our family, your friends. Invite them ALL to dinner—we don’t care. And change all you want…how else could you be you?


You are so soft. You are so sweet. We love that you cooked tonight and that you are here. You don’t have to ‘do’ for us to love you; we just love your presence. Let us clean up tonight—you sit there and receive…that would be the greatest gift you can give us. Receiving is the art of being a Cancer.


You are such an energy source with SO much to give to us. Even if some get overwhelmed by you, we love you just the way you are. Turn up the music, eat some more, and know that we are so glad you are here with us in this family…even when you are too much, we still love your energy!! Let’s hear it for a holiday…you just love to celebrate.


How come you are always the one to be doing things? We want to help you too! Can you see how many times your suggestions are received? Even when we don’t want your advice, we listen to you because we have learned to know that how you express your love is by sharing your input: what to eat, what to do, and when. Haha. You are such a giver.


We just love you. You are so entertaining and always thinking of everyone else. When the party’s over, can we just sit and listen to your humor? You tell us the best stories and show us just how much you love by making us laugh and finding the connection with all our family members. Who wants to laugh? You do!


You don’t have to say much. You are always the one finishing off the meal, doing the clean up, being behind the scenes taking care. Even if you don’t need a lot of time to talk and get attention, please know we notice you and feel your love. Your hugs are the best. And your love is so warm when you are ready to give it to us no one does it like you.


Party time! This is your holiday. This is your time to shine. Yes, we want more to drink, more to eat and more presents. Let’s get out the cards and the games and start playing the fun factor. No Christmas is any good without you—even if you do bump into something or leave a mess, we need your enthusiasm.


You always give the best presents. So thoughtful—but you know what we really want? To sit next to you and share in your wisdom. If you would stop at the end of this holiday and just watch a movie and be with us, we would love to just be with you. We love you for who you are—not what you give us. Do you believe me?


Don’t come to Christmas if you don’t want to. You love family that is not only bloodline. You know exactly how to find the lost puppies and bring them home. And we have learned that the most important thing we can do is to let you be you—and then you come home. Whatever you want for Christmas this year—no matter how strange—we just want you to be you.


This is your holiday. All the presents, the songs, the atmosphere. Just be sure to come out from your room to be with us. If you could feel the love you generate with us, from us, you would know that your sensitivity is exactly what this holiday is about. Let’s dress up the dog and cat to share in this celebration. We love your sensitivity, even if we don’t always understand you.

Christmas can come in so many forms. Presents are not always wrapped up in paper—sometimes the best gifts live in our heart. Your presence is what everyone longs for. To be with your family members eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart will make this holiday stand apart. (Did I just rhyme?) Heart-to-heart is what matters most!!

Read this out loud at your party, and know that the stars are always watching over you. You can tell your family members who don’t believe in Astrology: you don’t have to believe in this stuff… it believes in you. Merry, happy and sending L O V E.