I have 3 sons, one has a diagnosis of Aspergers and ADHD and Depression. My middle son has a diagnosis of Autism, ADD, Anxiety, Depression and Dyspraxia. My youngest has PDDNOS and Anxiety. An Autism Journey to Acceptance, further highlights the challenges our family endured, my 3 sons through their young adult life, entering secondry school and college. Our concerns about drink, drugs and relationships. The title emphasises my childrens feelings and what they have undergone daily, been bullied and to be accepted. However my children have obtained many proud accomplishments. My two youngest currently attend college and my eldest is a qualified personal trainer. Despite the heightened awareness of Autism and its impacts. Theres still a lack of knowledge among the populace. For all the paid professionals my book emphasises change that is badly needed in the system. Highlighting families daily struggles, concerns and what they unneccessarily have to fight for to obtain and maintain support resources to meet the needs of their loved one. My book will inspire people to grasp their hope with reassurance they are not alone, through their struggles. Encouraging them to liaise with everyone to get what is needed. Through unconditional love and acceptance, either at home or in a work place, people will learn to connect and establish a relationship with families and their loved one, instilling a ripple affect to change