Anxiety and stress are detrimental to one’s health and results in overall mental and physical suffering. First of all, based on our situation we need to analyse the cause of this stress or anxiety. In most cases, stress and anxiety are caused by external forces and are not in our control. So understand that the all-worrying anxiety or stress is not your fault and you have the power to control it. As William James has quoted nicely, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

The root cause of the source of anxiety needs to determined and we also need to ponder a bit on how much the source could affect our life. It is in our instinct to protect ourselves from negative forces and strive to survive. So you can simply trust your instincts and worry not much over things you do not have power to control.  On the contrary, we need to save our energy and cook up momentum to strike back when the time comes. We can even work on networking as sometimes we need collective energies to thwart unprecedented threats.

Have faith in your abilities

Your mind and body are usually strong and can react in positive ways that your subconscious mind might not be aware of. But it is important that you have a complete understanding with yourself. Keep in mind always that what your body and mind aspires for is peace and calmness. And that you being the owner of your soul, you have the power to preside over it and for that you need to converse with your subconscious mind or inner self. Positive thoughts about your mental abilities will generate good vibes that will help in alleviating tension and anxiety from your life. You can even be a calming influence to the people around you.

Learn to talk and counsel yourself

Till the day when you have taken up your own responsibilities and jumped on a hectic schedule to earn money for a livelihood, self-care has obviously taken a back-seat in your life. We are all too busy focussing on building a smooth career path and earning well to earn respect and, power and position in society, not to mention the status quo. But has it ever occurred to anybody that emotional and physical well-being of yours play a direct role in your performance too. If you are not at peace with yourself, how can you solve problems for others! How can you even think of the correct solution to the corporate dilemmas and demanding situations! A well-nurtured and well-matured mind and body has immense power to think right and think positive, which can do wonders in your corporate life as well. Start practicing it and see the result. Take some time off to talk to yourself. Counsel yourself on the priorities of life. You shall then easily be able to segregate the unwanted from the wanted and reduce your mental baggage. That will leave you free to think on the higher priorities of life and work.

Try to find positivism in every aspect

Negative thinking brings about eons of irritability, stress, and strain in our ongoing lives. It is good to be a critique and pin down the imperfections. But let’s not take it to a point when it accrues bitterness. Too much negativity leads to depression and sorrow. The dark hell of acrimony and remorse can be overpowering spoiling the beauty of the current moments and leaving you dry and shaken. But you can filter your thoughts as they enter your consciousness. By self-preaching and cutting out on the negativism around us, we can lead a better and more peaceful life. That will help you to look for the silver linings beyond the dark clouds.

Some simple ways to keep yourself free from worries

First, try and identify the cause of worry. Then analyze whether it is self-concocted, rather imaginary, or real. If you feel you are thinking too much, try and digress your thought process to something not related. Some passion, some hobby, or even a chat with the person whom you value will do the trick. If you feel there is a genuine reason to worry, then talk out, share your concern with the people you trust, and try to find a solution as quickly as possible. If the cause turns out to be something beyond your control then again distracting yourself or turning away from the source of concern will be effective in allaying undue apprehensions.


Defeating anxiety and stress is difficult but not at all unachievable. With a bit of positivism and the right kind of support from family and friends, these can be things of the past. Emotional and physical well-being should be on the priority list of every individual. In order to live a happy life, we need to make some small changes in the way we feel, think, and perceive. Our efforts should also be to spread joy and positivity instead of hatred and negativity. Medication & Meditation, reaching out to like-minded people, opening up to close ones, discussing the causes of worries, and being satisfied with what you possess can lead to brighter, happier, and stress-free days.