Everything is within your power, and your power is within you, a woman's voice needs to be heard

What is an empowered woman

Maybe I should ask the question, what isn’t an empowered woman? It’s not the fist-pumping woman, standing in the middle of the street burning her bra that society in the past has portrayed us as. No wonder women shy away from the word power, they are afraid they are going to be labeled, emotional, tough, and driven. Like, those are bad words??

Now, I’m not judging, and if you want to be that woman above, that is perfectly fine. But, that’s not the empowerment I am talking about.

The voice inside

 I am talking about your inner power. The voice that speaks silently to you when you are alone, and limits your internal growth to be the person you really want to be. You may have thought about how you wanted to have a big career, a great relationship, a healthy bank account, to start that business or charity. Maybe you wanted to feel peace from within, but somehow your voice was silent. Somewhere along the line, you silenced that inner voice, that inner power that once believed you could do anything in life.

 You all know the voice I’m talking about…the one that’s holding you back. The voice that says I’m fearful, anxious, it keeps you up at night and paralyzes you to stay right where you are. So you settle and make excuses why you’re not where you want to be. You know those excuses, “ The timing is not right,” “I don’t have enough money”, “I’m too old, too young, too fat, too thin”. The “when I” syndrome,” I like to call it.

You CAN have it, you just have to decide that’s what you want. And when you do, your inner voice will begin to be heard.

Being empowered

 Being empowered is finding that voice within. Understanding why it’s been silenced and unlocking it so you feel confident and in control. Empowerment from within is self-love and gaining knowledge every day to move forward towards happiness. Whatever that may mean to you.  It’s taking action and designing a life that YOU love. Where you feel in control of your life, money, career, and relationships. You’ve taken the time to learn who you are, remove blocks that are stopping you, and then redesigning the life you want. No matter your age, your ethnicity, or your environment. When you find that power from within and listen, the world opens up.  

Every woman’s story matters

Everyone’s story is different. Every woman’s story matters. The stories may be similar, but unique in their own way. Every story deserves to be heard. Your power from within is just waiting to be unlocked. The world is waiting for your voice. You matter your voice matters.

That’s an empowered woman, hearing your own voice roar within, that anything and everything is possible when you choose to take action. Your power is within you, It’s your choice to unleash it.

Now Go out and make someone smile!

Patricia Love, The Rah Rah Coach!! ??