Everyone throws the word “entrepreneur” around without truly knowing what it means.

When you’re in business for yourself, everything runs through you, and it’s particularly easy to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. To make it through this journey, you need to learn some ways to relate to yourself, manage your energy and get organized.

With this in mind, use these tips so that you’re getting a good handle on this journey.

Make Mindfulness Your Way of Life

The best tool you can build on for your business isn’t some search engine optimization strategy, it isn’t a motivational tool and it’s not even networking. Simply put, mindfulness is a tool that informs everything you do in your business and who you are as an entrepreneur.

First off, what is mindfulness?

On a simple level, mindfulness refers to your ability to concentrate and focus. This is the consciousness that you bring to everything that you do as you navigate your waking life.

This sounds like a given, but think about how often your mind roams in your everyday life.

There is a lot of time wasting that goes on in every workplace around the world. Further, a staggering 70 percent of employees say that they don’t feel engaged on their job.

Build a meditation process that lets you practice mindfulness each and every day. A paltry 5 minutes of meditation per day can build your mindfulness practice and allow you to get more productivity out of your work.

Beat Decision Fatigue Through Proper Planning

We live in the age of options.

If you’re like most people, the first thing you do when you roll out of bed is check your phone. Right away, you have at your fingertips virtually every piece of information and every form of entertainment known to many.

As a result, it’s harder than ever for us to make decisions about anything. This can cause panic and anxiety throughout the day, even when the decisions aren’t that important.

Instead, become an essentialist — rather than trying to be a jack of all trades, simplify your days, but get more detailed and focused with the decisions that you do make. Keep a calendar in the form of a weekly planner and a phone app.

Knock out your errands early and completely so that they don’t come back and bite you later. Failing to pay bills and manage your internet service leads to lost time having to speak to customer service in the middle of a workday. Not taking advantage of grocery delivery apps and other perks make you trade time for money, which is a losing endeavor.

Figure out what is important to be incredibly diligent with your schedule and the things you have to do.

Get Religious About Your Rest

Scientists say that sleep deprivation is comparable to an elevated blood alcohol content.

So if you wouldn’t show up to the office drunk, why would you skip sleep? Aside from that, you need to make sure you are also getting the highest quality sleep possible.

Buy a sleep mask and cut off the electronic devices early so that you’re getting the soundest rest you can get. Taking time to fully relax without being on your phone or using other distractions will also help you go back to the job completely recharged.

If you follow these tips, your entrepreneur life will be much better and your personal life more balanced.