I am tired…..

Today, i get to know a new feeling inside me. I don’t even no deeper about this feeling but it is just there. I don’t have that capacity to describe about this feeling but i can compare it with feeling of tiredness because this feeling does the same with all my energy, it roughly breaks it to almost null. It feels like my courage, my enthusiasm, my all thing which brings me to be the fighter is being diminished by this feeling.

There are lots of questions behind this feeling, what it is about? why this feeling? how it feels? why it cannot be denoted? and many more. But the worst part is i can’t even answer a single question about it because even i don’t know any of them! one may get angry and irritated when reading this, but the person who felt this type of feeling earlier can understand it very well.

We all do accept the suggestions. Suggestions from anybody, our relatives, friends, may be neighbors or may be from some acquaintance. It not bad though. When we feel confused we can find solutions from these suggestions. Who knows if some of them can solve our problem. But do these suggestions can help us to decide our life? the way we will live? the way we make our career, family life and all? For most of the cases it happens with us. A boy takes admission in the biggest school for specialized in history subject, but nobody knows what that boy likes as his favorite subject. A boy takes admission in the best medical college because his parents wants him to be doctor. Of course we owe our parents, but it doesn’t mean we sacrifice the main motive of our lives and be unhappy at one point of our life and have the same feeling which we don’t even know stands for what and how? we feel like it is a crisis in our life and we don’t even like a single thing in our life right now. Many of us maybe think to quit this life just because of this unknown feeling which kills him everyday, every minute of his life. We love somebody and we give our everything to them, even right to decide our life. A right which decides how will we live, how will we make our life, career and every single thing. We call it sacrifice for our love, but ultimately we are doing injustice to ourselves and our loved ones by killing the feel of satisfaction and happiness which originally can be called happiness in our life. This all thing results in the breaking of our life thread at one stage when we realize that we are not living we are just moving like a alive dead body. we have our favorites, likes and dislikes but that all are tempered with just the decision of anybody else. What makes you happy no longer matters for us since we are already manipulated by some effect which can be called a “life rearrangement” which always rearranges our life not by us but by other aspects or peoples. We even move our hands in a way which other loves. This is called a perfect “life rearrangement” which randomizes our life goals, career and everything which we originally like.

Find your own life and make it immune to this “life rearrangement” ….