We live at a fascinating juncture.⁣

One in which we’re being invited to face our deepest fears, and also those places within that may be holding us back from stepping into more passion and a more fulfilling sense of purpose in this life. ⁣

For many, it’s a great opportunity for a personal stocktake.⁣

Lately I’ve committed to putting my content out most days or whenever I’m inspired, for a number of reasons. Some of which are because I can get SO caught in excuses, resistances and in threads of needing everything to be PERFECT. ⁣

I’ve found in my personal experience, because I was sitting with a lot that I wasn’t expressing, there was a sense of stagnation around anything fresh being able to come through… ⁣

A stagnation that is only able to be moved by the expression of it ?⁣

When thats expressed, MORE comes through. CREATIVITY comes to life in a way in which it simply couldn’t before that time, and this is the stream I currently find myself in.⁣

This last wave has come from me practicing not to care, at all, if no one likes, agrees or shares my truth in the moment. Expressing so much is taking it to my personal limit also, particularly in such a sensitive time. The intention was and is to open the creative channels fully in this way and then to potentially ease off and find a healthy equilibrium from that experience. ⁣

Or not!⁣

If you find yourself getting sick of me, with respect, I don’t care. ⁣

This is the practice and game I’m choosing to play right now, with myself, my comfort zone, people and existence. ⁣


Because why the hell not!⁣

If what we’re experiencing at a global level is showing us anything, it’s that this life is VERY temporary and can change at any moment. I take myself, and things way too seriously at times, and at the end of the day, we’re all going to die. ⁣

At some stage, we all check out and no longer exist in the same form on this planet. Ever again. ⁣

On my death bed do I want to say that I played small? That I didn’t do what I wanted to do because of what someone else might think or say? Or it ‘wasn’t the time’?⁣

Or do I want to throw EVERYTHING in, uncomfortable as it may be some of the time.⁣

It has taken a lot of inner work for me to get to a stage that I’m comfortable being seen by everyone – Family, friends, followers, people that I’ve known and complete strangers that I meet on these platforms each and every day that resonate with what i’m putting out there.⁣

At the deepest levels, shame and the inner critic will shut a person down more than anything else, and I’ve had a substantial journey with both from a young age. I’ve also been on quite the journey to deconstruct, purge and expunge all of these programs that don’t serve my greatest walk.⁣

This is, I believe, one of THE greatest gifts to come out of this pause and recalibration thats happening at this time – For us to come closer to our greatest fear of death, and then choose from a more empowered space, what we actually want to create with our lives.⁣

Is it more Love? ⁣
More connection? ⁣
More creativity? ⁣
More passion?⁣
More service? ⁣
More lightness?⁣

There is a profound transformation that is available when we choose to turn inwards and face our fears, particularly as everything is intensified greatly due to the amped-up unknown factor in which many of us are currently sitting.⁣

In my realm, I know a LOT of people who are coming closer to the leaps that will lead them to their deepest fulfilment. Whether it’s making a decision to not go back to a job that they hate, that they perhaps can’t even go to now anyway, or getting more creative with how they may be able to expand more into something that actually brings them ALIVE.⁣

These are the OPPORTUNITIES within the CRISIS.⁣

There are a phenomenal amount of humans on the planet right now, from all ages and cultures, who have pages full of beautiful poetry, inspirational writings and exquisite music and song that may have never been witnessed by anyone else, yet may just be the key that unlocks something of profound beauty in the other. ⁣

You never know what sentence or word might spark an EPIPHANY in someone else. Yet while we hold back, we not only deprive ourselves of larger creative streams, but the world of something which may have the potential to cause a monumental positive chain reaction and add to the true synarchy thats forming within this collective consciousness of humanity.⁣

Whether we care to believe it at this time or not.⁣

Wouldn’t it be just grand, in this great planetary reset, if everyone just became so open, so vulnerable, so radically transparent and empowered as to share more of their true authentic voice with the world?⁣

It’s a monumental invitation for those who can bring themselves more to it, or make a life decision that just a few months ago may have never even been close to a reality.⁣

We don’t know how long we will be in our unique situations for right now, yet there is HUGE opportunity within the current inhale to ponder what you would LOVE to be doing on the exhale.⁣

If thats sharing just a little bit more of your special slice of the pie with the world, may you be celebrated as you add your unique flavour to this collective field of wonder and awe, that relies on each unique piece, to greatly enhance the all.