In an ideal world, nobody’s work would be just about the money. People could pursue excellence in what they do, take pride in achievement and derive meaning from knowing that their work improved the lives of others.

-Barry Schwartz

My imagination of an ideal world is rather deep. Let me paint this picture very carefully, intricately. Let’s forget the concept of money. Let’s go back to the barter system. Well, even the barter system had an exchange based on consideration. So, let’s go even farther. Maybe rewind to a time, when illiterate people would make their own meat and would weave their clothes from leaves. They would just live off flesh and fruits and lead the most basic lives. They did not need a mobile phone, an Alexa or a list of never ending luxuries/desires. Where was money in question? Why did money even come into picture?

Now, flipping over to another scenario. Let’s forget that people had ulterior motives for the kind of work they did. Let’s think of an ideal world where people sowed crops, grew trees, manufactured products, put up stalls, just for the sake of others’ well-being? What if there was absolutely nothing they got in return for making these, but satisfaction of helping others? Would you toil day and night to grow pounds of rice, knowing that you may not get anything in return? Imagine, if everyone in the world thought the same? Everything right from water, to cars and houses would be free? Well, that’s the way I would picture a world to be.

Is that possible? Even close to? In a world where men kill each other to marry the woman they claim to love, it seems like quite a stretch. However, humans always have hope and so do I. Nothing is impossible. But I guess this will require a paradigm shift in the way we think and must be deeply ingrained in us. The ideal world that I imagine will have people who put themselves second to another person in need. What do people need in order to do this? Selflessness. Perpetual selflessness. Or team work.

Together we stand, against all odds

I interacted with a few people in my circle, narrated this ideal world concept, and their immediate reaction was a shocked face coupled with a look of disbelief! They thought it was absurd and that no one would ever put in the efforts just to see another person happy. A few immediately suggested ways this system could be taken advantage of. I realised then, that we have all been wired in such crooked ways that we cannot, just cannot think straight. We HAVE to necessarily think of loopholes that can be exploited. An ideal world? It cannot happen if one or two individuals will it. It means rethinking from scratch, together.