Regardless of how difficult life can be, a healthy mindset makes all the difference. After waking up blind from an accident on her 32nd birthday, Tiffany Julie was told by doctors she would never see again. Four years later, she proved them wrong, emerging with 20/20 vision using her unique self-healing methods and the skills she learned as a successful 7+ figure entrepreneur.

Tiffany Julie is a renowned High-Performance Success Coach and founder of Tiffany Julie Inc. She is best known for reshaping her clients’ mindsets to help them achieve exponential and unlimited success. After going through an extremely rough patch in life, Tiffany persevered to defy all odds and conquered tough life circumstances on her terms. Even while physically blind, this entrepreneur never lost sight of her BIG goals. Her dedication and resilience helped her stay the course and travel the world while building a 7+ figure income from her business ventures.

Tiffany Julie has developed a holistic approach to High Performance Coaching which unleashes fast and sustainable results for her clients. She helps them transform both their personal and professional lives, by up-leveling their mindset, energy, habits, and creates a personalized performance system they can implement for the long term.

Her knowledge and skills as a High-Performance Coach have been featured across reputable media platforms such as Women in Business, Business Method, Medium, and High-Performance Institute. Tiffany also landed a spot among Yahoo! Finance’s Top 10 Success Coaches to Follow in 2021. She has worked with industry leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs from various fields, and world leaders who are dedicated to living to their highest potential.

This Success Coach abides by her motto, “Every human has the ability to unlock their greatness.” To do that she’s created a success system called High-Performance Accelerator which teaches principles such as high-performance success habits, mindset reprogramming techniques, wealth energetics, manifestation principles, and high-level business strategies. Everything one would need to achieve their next level.

On her website, Tiffany Julie shared: “From globetrotting the world for 7 years, to becoming a yacht captain delivering boats worldwide, to founding a yacht restoration company, to living on my sailboat and sailing the open seas, to scaling an online e-commerce store to 7+ figures, to becoming a Certified High-Performance Coach, to healing myself from something the doctors told me was impossible, I’m undeniable proof that the traditional rules are meant to be broken and you can create whatever success you desire.”

Tiffany Julie was never one to settle with the status quo. She has dedicated her life to uncover the secrets to happiness, health, success, and abundance and helping others achieve the same along their journey. Her mentorship is filled with compassion, a trait she acquired from working with industry-leading experts such as Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, Rory Vaden, Doctor Joe Dispenza, and Mastin Kipp. Learning from such authorities, Tiffany was able to rapidly transform her life and business and also passes this knowledge along to her clients.

Furthermore, her diverse and extensive background in quantum physics, mindset practices, positive psychology, NLP techniques, meditation, and other healing modalities make her rise above typical business coaches. Tiffany has walked the talk she preaches and is a living manifestation of resilience, perseverance, and hard work.

In five years, Tiffany Julie aims to grow and expand her High-Performance Coaching brand to impact millions worldwide. “We will do that through adding other media outlets such as a podcast, monthly mentorship, and mastermind,” shared Tiffany.