woman eating a meal outside and smiling

Being a human can be challenging. Being an adult with financial, professional and personal obligations can feel overwhelming some days. These feelings lead to anxiety and frustration and affect our self-esteem and confidence to reach our goals successfully. Here are four ways to boost your confidence and bring your self-esteem to unrecognizable heights. It all starts with honoring and taking care of ourselves. Self-esteem is built from the inside.

Eat Whole Foods and Drink Water

A great place to start is to choose certain foods over others.  Choose an apple, banana, nuts or carrots over a bag of greasy chips. This choice can make you feel amazing. There is no need to wonder what ingredients you just put in your body. At the end of the day, you can feel good about the high-quality whole food you gave to your body. If you need a quick grab-and-go snack, make a smoothie with greens powder or grab a banana and nut butter. Drinking water is a simple but often overlooked necessity. Dehydration leads to dry skin, anxiety, increased heart rate, fatigue and many other unwanted symptoms. To feel our best, we have to keep our bodies hydrated and fueled properly. You will go to bed knowing you gave your body the best possible food to fuel your brain, muscles and give your organs less junk to process and filter.

Move Your Body

Sedentary bodies are bodies that do not feel well. This can take a big hit to your self-esteem. Start by walking around the block, then increase the distance or speed. If you are already exercising, think of a new way to move your body. Yoga, dancing, jogging, cycling or just using some resistance bands can give your body the movement it desires. There is no shortage of research on the benefits of exercise on both physical and mental wellness. Our bodies are designed to move or our muscles start to atrophy.  One easy suggestion is to bounce on an exercise ball. This can strengthen and tone the quads, glutes, and inner thighs. It can be done while watching your favorite television program. Exercise can be done from a seated position as well. Raising your hands above your head to bounce a beach ball back and forth can get your blood pumping. Get moving and be proud of yourself for giving your body the movement it craves.

Do What You Love

Every single day you must do three things for yourself that are not work or errand related. It must only be about you. It can be anything, but it is an obligatory to-do list and should be treated as important as breathing. The list should always contain a movement or exercise obligation. For example, a simple list could be yoga, read and play the piano. Set aside time, even if it is just 15 minutes, but you must show yourself that you matter and are worthy of doing the things you love. Everyone morning, write down the three things that you will do for yourself. This is necessary to live out your truth and honor the things that make you who you are.


The benefits of meditating are immeasurable. Meditation can provide feel-good vibes and award you a neurochemical holiday that will have you smiling throughout the day. Sit in silence, use a guided meditation app, or repeat a mantra. They all have wonderful benefits.  Aim for five minutes, then work up to as long as you are able. It helps increase self-awareness and reduce stress.

Feeling better on the inside gives us a boost in self-esteem. You are a powerful being. Get in touch with the things you love and connect with yourself. This can empower you and get you ready to face life’s challenges with more grace and confidence. Nourishing your body is an obligation for boosting longevity and staving off disease. These suggestions can make you feel better from the inside out, and they are part of an excellent formula that can help rebuild the self-esteem you desire and deserve.