Small steps towards a big dream made Nishtha shine brighter

Born in a family where living was very simple and professions were defined with simplicity, Nishtha was not ready to be a part of the monotonous journey. Her mother Mrs. Shrivastava was her dream catcher and understood that her daughter had wings and she was supposed to let her fly high. Her mother ensured to inculcate all the pre requisites that she had dreamt for herself ones. Nishtha was professionally trained in the field of classical music, classical dance and literature which she kept grooming in her later age too. During her days of engineering, she decided to make her dreams come true and to take her step ahead she ensured to get a job which would make her financially independent.

Not found of usual things and thirsty for adventure, Nishtha started weaving her first story in the early days of engineering which was no fairy tale but a taboo in Indian society which she wanted to share with the world. Amidst a lot of criticism from her near and dear ones about the dare she was going to do, Nishtha confidently published her debut novel, “Rakshabandhan” which proved to be the change maker in her life of simplicity. She banged as the National bestseller and received various titles for her debut work.

Making her place in the young writers of the nation, Nishtha got various titles like, Best Debut Author for 2020, Best Fiction novel for 2020 and many such awards making her believe that hard work and passion can move mountains. Nishtha found it the right time to make her position on National and international stages with no existing inheritance or legacy in the industry. She walked for MIQH Miss India 2020 and with her blaze in talent and rising name in literature she was crowned as Miss India shining star 2020 and Miss India vivacious 2020. She is now selected as the Indian finalist for Miss Asia International’2021.

Nishtha still feels that there are numerous things that she is capable to do and she will surely knock every door of destiny that looks scary to the world. Her brave style of writing and sharing stories is not supported every time by her near and dear ones too but once she conveys her thoughts well, people accept it happily.

She believes that to do something that is out of the track we should first get ready to accept criticism, as it makes you strong and at the end you shine brighter.