An instant can change your life.

On Friday night (13th) as we were going out for Sabbath Dinner, my wife, Rafi,  slipped on our stairs and was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital . I heard a bang and found my wife in a heap on the bottom of the stairs- covered in blood and lifeless.

An instant can change your life

The amazing ambulance service of St john Ambulance in Perth responded in 7 minutes.

(An interesting side note is that the Motto of St John Abulance Service in Perth is “For the Service of Humanity)

An instant can change your life

Thankfully Rafi is home, in a neck collar and brace for a few months AND is able to walk.

The truth is that it is not only an instant but a few mm that can change your life.

Five weeks later we celebrate that fact that every day is better. Every day is brightened by the sheer resolve of Rafi and the resilient smile and commitment to healing and getting back to normal. 

Our friend and community have been truly amazing.   Perhaps its just a jewish thing where food is a significant part of our culture. But an almost immediate reaction from two of our closest friends was to say “we will organize a food roster so that you don’t need to worry about meals for the next while”

The number of people who dropped meals off at our house (and even those that  complained that they missed out on getting onto the food roster) was amazing.  The genuine care and concern from friends and acquaintances was extraordinary. This truly showed me the reality of what defines a community.

This experience has also opened our eyes to something else. Many years ago we were given the book “Don’t sweat the small stuff” by Richard Carlson.  We never really appreciated the significance of that until now.

Over the last few weeks we have really worked on being much more tolerant and understanding of people and the world around us. When you come to a realization of how close you came to a major change in life, you truly understand or start to understand the bigger things in life.

I hope to be able to live my life in the future in a richer and more meaningful way without “sweating the small stuff”