When Michael Hebb decided to stake his career on the table, there was not much in the way of a “how to make a living” doing such a thing. He does not make tables nor is he a chef (although he is a phenomenal cook). No, Michael’s passion for the table goes beyond what one might naturally think of when they hear the word, “table.” It expands into his love for the drama of the table and the potential of what is possible when great leaders and thinkers as well as families and friends come together, around the table, to eat, drink, laugh, engage, and listen to one another.

In this episode of the Where is My Guru Show, fellow Thriver Michael Hebb begins at the genesis of his love for the table and his mission for one million dinners around the world.

Michael is the Founder of DeathoverDinner.org, EarthtoDinner.org, AmericaLetsTalk.org and Dinner.FacingAddiction.org

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Originally published at medium.com