an invisible moon is still whole.

i’ve felt invisible for… my whole life.

i’ve always felt like a little kid off in the corner jumping up and down waving my arms saying “look at me! look at me!” only to be heard and seen by… no one.

i’ve always felt “less than” everyone around me.

my siblings. my peers. my coworkers. everyone.

i used to get so frustrated and annoyed because i seem to be cut in line ALL the time.

as if i didn’t exist.
as if i didn’t matter.
as if i was broken.

when i was little, i realized that i could be seen when i got good grades and achieved all the things.

and so i took that with me and i carried it into adulthood and into the workplace.

i pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed myself to achieve achieve achieve so i could be seen.

and after i achieved one thing, i moved right on to the next because i had to do better, i had to do more – i had to be seen.

so that i didn’t fade into the background.

so that i knew i mattered. to someone. in any way possible.

and then i realized that none of it mattered.

i realized that even an invisible moon is whole. and an invisible moon never questions its wholeness.

an invisible moon holds space.

an invisible moon listens.

an invisible moon believes in its wholeness even when no one else is there to witness it.

and that is the power of an invisible moon.

i am an invisible moon.?

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