She has a fragile heart

Which is tearing her apart

But she is bearing it all

To make it through this downfall.

She has a sensitive soul

Which is slipping vaguely from her own control

But she is staying strong

To be able to withstand this storm.

She is emotionally scarred

And she gets nervous when it rains hard

But she is collecting those broken pieces

To deal with the cold clique when the heat increases.

She is physically abused

And her compassion is constantly being misused

But she keeps telling herself

That she belongs somewhere else.

Her hands are trembling

And every wound she sees is troubling

But she is constantly wrestling

Because she is not willing to be settling.

Her world is crumbling

And every word she says comes stumbling

But she is searching for the hope

By looking at the stars through the telescope.

Her eyes are bleeding

And her heart is barely beating

But she is walking all by herself

Healing the world and her soul as well