Donald John Trump is our president.

Yes, that one.

The one that started as one of the longest shots ever to win the Republican nomination, let alone the election.

After one of the ugliest elections and definitely most surprising in United States history, Trump has taken office lead a path that no one really expected the country to go down, even if you were enthusiastic at the chances of it happening.

So, before the presidency gets too far in (even though Trump has made a ton of decisions already) it seems fit to give some advice and criticism to those who still have not accepted the fact that Mr. Trump will be president, his supporters, and even to the President himself.


Donald Trump is officially your president as of January 20th.

Yes, your president.

Not just his supporters’ president, not just those who voted for him because they hated Hillary’s president… he is your president too.

Please show respect to Mr. Trump.

Even if you do not respect him, respect the position.

If you do not approve of the policies, laws, and proposals that he and his administration are going to put through, then fight them.

Call your congressman or congresswoman and let your displeasure be known, because it is the same process that Republicans like myself would have done if Secretary Clinton had won. And even some Republicans are going to come out with you to oppose some of the sanctions and executive orders they oppose.

Have respect and make amends to what you see fit because unity between the two parties will be needed for this administration to be a successful one for the next four (or eight) years.


Yes, he won. We know. We get it.

You were right when most were wrong.

Now, put YOUR emotions to the side and do not let your own opinions influence your thoughts on what Mr. Trump and his administration are going to do when he is in office.

Calling another individual a “snowflake” does as much as calling a Trump supporter a KKK member for discourse and conversation. Nothing.

You have to be open to criticize and cannot act like everything that this president is going to do is perfect.

To like and support your president and to literally feed off of his every word as if he is flawless are two completely different things, and with these next four years being up in the air about what will actually be done and what won’t, your criticism and your support are going to be vital in allowing your man to have a successful presidency.

No president has ever been successful without proper criticism.

Take the blinders off and face reality, and be open to let the President know when he has done wrong and what he has done wrong.


Congratulations, Mr. President, on winning one of the craziest, ugliest, and shocking elections of our country’s history.

I pray that you listen to all sides, including ones you and I both disagree with.

Be critical of yourself. Admit mistakes. Take responsibility.

No administration has been without its faults, and that will include yours.

Unify this country like you promised on the morning of November 9th. God knows this country desperately needs it.

Do not hate your protestors and enemies. Let them in with open arms, and listen to their grievances, because without debate and discourse, your presidency will be wasted.

I do have faith in this country and in you, Mr. Trump, so please allow all sides to come together and unite as one no matter their party, color, sexuality, or religion.

You are my president, but you will not be free from my criticism.

I wish you the best in all endeavors foreign and domestic, and I pray you are the most successful president you can be to the best of your abilities.

But for the love of all that is holy…

PLEASE stay off Twitter.

Originally published at on January 8, 2017.

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