An open letter to 3am business owners

Dear Business Owners,

You know those unpaid hours that we work? The ones where we are slaving away, and not certain of a return. The ones where we plan and plan and plan, drink coffee, and plan… and then drink vodka… and write and plan and start again. 

I did 66 hours of them in one week. Yep.

Two months ago, I had an urge that I was onto something and decided that 3am bedtimes were best served with 5am wake-ups so that I could roll-out my ‘game changer’ of an idea. 

I planned an International Guest Blog Series for my business which did not guarantee any financial return. It just guaranteed a whole heap of bloody good value, a huge growth in business network, and a break-through into targeted markets that I would have been unable to enter had I paid Facebook for a spot on their pages. 

(This was an idea I had for my own business, while I continued to work for my clients).

The Plan

  • One Guest Blog Contributor every day for the month of July.
  • It coincides with the end of financial year.
  • Each blog topic relates to building a business. From PR to legal, accounts to self-love. 
  • The Series includes people from all over the world.
  • The Series brings FREE advice to any person in the world with a Wifi or internet connection.
  • The Series brings an UNPRECEDENTED amount of value to business owners who need advice but don’t know where to look, or what to look for. 

The Goal

  • Provide VALUE
  • Generate a sense of COMMUNITY
  • Generate a sense of BELONGING
  • Grow my network.
  • Provide an accessible, free business resource to any person in the world. 

And, so it begun. 

The search for business professionals. 

Many people agreed, but they didn’t execute. So, it was always important to have a back-up for those who said ‘yes’ but really meant ‘no’. 

After the word was out, an influx of responses were coming in. People from China, the USA, UK, Europe, Australia… they were all wanting to be featured. They all had valuable things to say, and what’s more- incredible lessons to teach. 

I’ve always admired the capability of a human who has a desire to teach others. I believe it is imperative to not only business success, but life fulfillment. 

After a series of emails and revisions, asking for opinions and submissions, 31 out of a total of 200+ people were chosen. 

I chose these people based on their passion, their experience, their ability to write, their business goals or objectives, and target audiences. (All of which had to align with mine at Written Communications).

The Execution and Outcome

All blogs, biographies, and images were published at the Blog section of Written Communications ( and shared via social media. 

Every Sunday, I’d upload the weeks’ worth of blogs and send out confirmation emails. Again, this was unpaid, uncertain ROI… but, when you have THAT feeling you just have to run with it. 

I had a 20+ new subscribers in the first two weeks, and was yet to publish the remainder of the posts. 

I had an increase in visitors in the first week by 210%. This came directly from social media, and typically LinkedIn and Instagram. 

The second week, I continued to see a steady increase, this time the increase was 106% more than the previous week.  

The stats were showing that there were more eyes viewing all digital platforms linked to Written Communications.

Let’s be honest… of course there was! The value of the blogs being published was immeasurable. It was real advice; from real entrepreneurs. I’m still in awe of the talent that contributed. 

It was at this point that an increase in inquiries began to happen. On average, I had two new clients per dayenquire about Written Communication services, and I had people contacting me on social media asking me what pens I use, what books I write on, and what software I use for various business projects. 

Slowly, the Written Communications community was growing- and it was because of the valuable content that was being produced world-wide. The idea had worked. 

All of a sudden, those 66 hours of unpaid work had completely transformed into international business opportunities, and initiated the beginning of stronger professional relationships and collaborations.

What I Learnt

People are phenomenal. Working with the most inspiring business professionals has given me a direct insight into how hard we all work to achieve what we have. I wish I could give an expensive bottle of red to all that contributed, but to be honest there’s no way a bottle would leave my house once I had my hands on it. 

Although my business grew, it was my change in mindset and outlook on life that was impacted the most. 

My business will now focus on strengthened values like community, and belonging, to ensure that everyone has access to valuable business information and resources.

Because, what’s the point in growing alone?

So, while you’re sitting there at all hours of the night/early morning unsure of the ROI on your hard work and time invested, remember that the only way you will ever know for sure is if you actually execute the ideas you’re working on.

Talking and planning is imperative, but it is the execution that will give you your final figure. 

Your failures and your successes are only measured within your own mind. Review and learn from both of these accordingly, and then move onto the next idea. BIGGER. BETTER.

From an overly-passionate, intense- wine loving business owner,

Natalie Scanlon


Written Communications