When our children are small an innocent so are their problems. As parents we cannot imagine our children growing up to go down the dark path of addiction. We begin to question ourselves “was it something I did”, “was I not present enough?” “Maybe I should have had them more involved in school or sports!”. This is counter productive. “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”. As parents we ALL make mistakes. Our children come with no manuals. It is a learn as you go and grow process. So is dealing with their addiction.

Just remember, This is not your fault! Many factors come into play when your child grows up and has to deal with drug addiction. Peer pressure being one of them for example. Remember, when it comes to addiction, YOU CANNOT SAVE THEM!! No matter how hard you try. Drug addiction is one of those things that one must do to save their selves from. I know it hurts you, and it also comes with so many questions “Do you tough love them?” “Do you help them out as much as you can?”. “What can you do?” The Answer…. Nothing! As a former addict myself,’ nothing’ was the best thing my family ever did for me. They never gave me money, they stopped giving me rides and enabling me. The only thing I got from them was an “I’m sorry I cant help you, but I LOVE YOU! Please get yourself some help!”

Today I am writing this to you, as a parent myself now and a former drug addict I can see all sides of the spectrum now. I want you to know that there is hope for a beautiful future with your ‘child’. It may not seem that way now, but at some point this too shall pass. I myself gave my grandmother 10 years of stress and worry (and hell) while in my active addiction. Today we have the most beautiful and normal relationship you could ever imagine! I want you to know that there is Hope, That We love you even if it doesn’t seem that way sometimes. You are appreciated. Keep up the good fight, and most importantly don’t ever lose faith.

Originally published at www.myanxiouslife.net