A Jewish Settlement

There is an urgent need for people to settle down and come to terms. The Republicans and Democrats can’t come to terms; neither can the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s nor the Capulet’s and Romeo’s family. The American athletes and sports teams owners are willing to throw away American and now International pastimes and it’s all about the money. You throw away or slapshot a season out of the rink because you can’t come to terms about a billion dollar industry. It must be the Twinkie complex. The debaters of these negotiations can’t be players and owners, but it is the lawyers and investors.

These sports figures make more money than legally necessary. One player can “earn” more money per year than some small cities combined income and more than most individuals in a lifetime.

Israel and Palestine don’t get along either. One has money and the other has land. The Jewish people want to extend their horizons and territory. They don’t have to take the land. They can buy it. It is understandable that they don’t get along. They have been at odds since the beginning of written history. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a settlement.

Each can take a map of their country and where they wished the boundaries were drawn and overlay them. Two opposing groups can draw their own maps. Compare them and negotiate the areas that are more important to them. And they need to take a realistic approach and not just cross out the border and say I want it all for myself! Where Israel overlaps into Palestine make that part a “phase two” negotiation. Phase one is where Israel already overlaps into Palestine and needs to negotiate these lands, which they have already taken and built settlements.

Squatters’ rights should not apply. It is similar to “whites” taking land from Native Americans. They could have afforded to purchase it, but they thought they were stronger and smarter, so, they didn’t need to buy it.

Today though, practically everything is for sale and almost everything has a price. No one steals property from another less fortunate anymore, not since Hitler tried to take over the world.

The reason Hitler didn’t take over the world was his country built their own weapons. Though they used the less fortunate to manufacture them. It was all internal. Now is different in that big businesses around the world manufacture these weapons for a profit. Of course war is easy, all you have to do is out buy, purchase, the weapons. America tries to overtake a country, then bring peace and try to rebuild the country they have just destroyed. Probably for the benefit of American lobbyist.

This brings us to Israel. Briefly, the Jewish people were given back their “homeland” after WWII. Unfortunately, others were displaced and/or uprooted.

Now is the time for a good settlement, maybe not correct a hundred percent, but at least a move in the right direction. Try to make a deal for the property already taken. Then make a deal for the future land that would have otherwise been confiscated. And you can’t have Robin Hood take from the rich and give to the poor. The rich have to willingly come forward and negotiate fairly what they have already taken. There are tens or hundreds of subdivisions that the Israelites have taken and occupied under the claim that it is all their property. Pay for your property like every one else does.

This is not a reward for years and years of terrorism. And it doesn’t have to be a trade of land for money or diamonds. The Palestine people need more than money. They need food and clothing and what every other people need. They used to have easy access to Israel for many jobs and food and building materials before the onslaught of suicide bombers and rockets.

There should be an easement and/or highway between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Also, there are countless areas of antiquity that one or both wish to visit and worship. These areas should be considered parkland and should be run by a third party, maybe a council of both parties or maybe the United Nations could be the ruling party over the parks. The point is to not have one religion or sect in control of multi-interested relics.

“The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck enlightens us to the true value of real estate. Land is everything. When times are tough, buy more land. It only makes sense if you can afford it. But, life is even more precious. Going to war over property puts life as the second priority. The purpose of the settlement is for living. A settlement between two peoples will not create world peace, but it could be the next step.

After 911 the United States was angry at the world and we are lucky there wasn’t a nuclear bombardment across the middle east. Yet, we showed constraint. There has to be more constraint; in the United States and across the world.

The United States have power over the whole world. The 1% has control over the stock market. That makes the tycoons the puppeteers of the world and has them by the strings. Your family can’t vacation together when the stock market is governing the price of rental homes. There won’t be peace in the middle east until people learn to understand that poor people are not just poor people, but people, living human beings.

Some people are crazy and kill people for no reason, there are some people who want to make a profit to improve their portfolio and there are people that are just plain nice and want to help other people less fortunate. There is a choice that we all can make.

This is a test: Do you care about people that are less fortunate. If you said yes, then, you are okay. If you said that the less fortunate should take care of themselves because it is their fault they can’t take care of themselves, then you know where you rank. And if you say that ‘everyone must die’, then you are crazy and should be put away.

Of course it is not that easy. The better question maybe is why do people, human beings, take advantage over others for monopolization or for fun. People have their choice, so it cannot be sane to kill others for your own self. It seems poor people or those less fortunate take care of those in poverty; more than the wealthy.

If you own a dog and keep him chained up in the backyard. Is he a pet or a guard or a slave? You are the owner. There is only one answer, but, many people can answer in many different ways. It has to be difficult for those more fortunate to try and justify ‘how am I like this’. But, then again it should be easy to justify how you ended up with riches and the poor are just less fortunate.

If you own a cat, of course you don’t chain it up in the back yard, you let run wild. You allow it to come in when it wants, you feed it.

People, not knowingly own their employees. You feed them, manicure them and walk them when it is convenient for you. Politics are the same, yet, we hire these masters of our wishes. Yet, they receive money from multi-million dollar businesses and gate their community. We continue to allow them for deciding our lives. They, our congress people, decide or not (gridlock) to make decisions based on what they are paid.

They aren’t the cat or the dog, but, owner and they control us, the pets, and we are waiting for food, grooming or just acknowledgment that we exist. What do we have to do to keep them working for us is a good question. How can the poor people pay the rich to get government to recognize them. It seems the government is getting paid off, but, not by the poor. The rich, government or those that receive benefits from the rich to persuade the government are not the enemy, just an obstacle. The less fortunate have to find a way to gather boat loads of money to pay off the politicians. If they can find a way to do that then, we can find peace in the mid-east and maybe world peace.