Life could never be easy, predictable, or painless towards you. Accepting life as hard makes you ready for every storm. Never expect a path without any bumpers. No its not pessimistic approach it’s just you are equipped and that geared you hit high. It all starts from our mind, our perspectives that build our personality.

There are times and moments in days when one compare itself with others.  When we compare we find ourselves lacking and a way behind others. The moment we compare we kill our happiness and mental peace from our own hands. It’s the point where we turn our face from countless blessings of lord and let the negativity take birth in us. And the times come when nothing satisfies you.

You see people succeed and you desire all those achievements, you pour a pinch of jealousy for yourself. That a bit of envy causes bitterness, annoyance and anger in you. Nothing last forever neither dejection nor happiness. What least you can do in your good times is to lean down for others and likewise someone else would lift you in your times of need. Living in an era of social networking it’s hard not to let yourself bewitched by its influence. Being grateful for minute things could make life enjoyable, contrary comparing not only eradicates the contentment but also invites unwanted anxiousness.

We all hide from grief and seek happiness but here we wronged ourselves. Happiness lies inside us and we seek it outside and we feared grief and hide when there is nothing to fear of as it’s a guest that stays little and leave you with strength and a lifelong moral lesson.