Today, my son and I took a car trip together. We often have our best conversations in the car, or late at night as I tuck him in to sleep. It’s unusual for us to be alone without his brother and sister, so we made the most of a 45 minute journey, and we got talking.

He’s a deep thinking Pisces, so naturally the conversation reaches a new level. We begin discussing a recent opportunity he’s landed with a new high school. As soon as the focus shifted and the vulnerability set in, he burst into tears and confessed to something that completely threw me!

Now, to give you some perspective; my son has moved through life with confidence. He makes friends easily and is an ‘A’ grade student across the board. At home he enjoys his space to reflect (there’s that deep thinking Pisces trait again), and he will often find comfort and catharsis through creative outlets such as arts and writing. He is always enthusiastic to try new things and test his own limits.

Confused by his reaction, I encouraged him to share what feelings are coming up as he navigates this new opportunity. This beautiful sweet boy took a deep breath and revealed…’Mum!…I’s afraid of everything!‘ He went on to share that every day he makes a conscious decision to push himself through fear in order to reach his goals. For someone so cool, calm and collected on the outside, I was amazed that he could so articulately identify his internal landscape when processing his fear…and yet, I was not surprised!

That courage, determination and daily focus to smash fear is exactly the same strategy I have used since forever. From making new friends in the playground, to becoming a successful heart centered leader…It takes courage!

Barely a week goes by where I don’t want to poop my pants, buy a case of wine and apply for an easy job in a supermarket. But I choose to constantly step up to meet my fears on a deeper level and face them in order to level up in my service.

This conversation in the car today felt like a pivotal moment in our mother-son relationship. I wish someone I had someone at that age explain that fear is a normal feeling to experience when we push against our comfort zone. When we step into our growth and evolution.

Being able to look in his eyes and share that honest, vulnerable conversation about personal growth and how completely overwhelming it can feel was a gift. He knows now that he is not alone. That in fact, we are the same!

And every day I show up thriving as that leader, he gets to witness what is possible for him too. His innate ability to thrive! A valuable belief to possess at the tender age of 11. I wonder what gifts next week’s car ride will bring.