The magic of a new beginning makes its way into your oh so mundane life. Suddenly, there is a ray of hope, you find yourself beaming, aimlessly smiling to yourself and a sense of joy is restored. You often catch yourself doing trivial things to grab their attention, oscillating between doing that and maintaining an eloquence to everything you do 🙂 You miss them without ever having met them; You whine at this lockdown beating on you and making this spell longer to that first meet; living in anticipation of this monster of a house-arrest, vanishing! So near, yet so far is a phrase that resonates and crosses your mind too frequently during this time.

As you learn about them, they become this vision of perfection. Outward you may seem to have some differences but as you talk more, you discover how similar you are. How you grew up may have been poles apart however there is that element of familiarity that draws you closer. This feeling has the power to subjugate everything else making the rest redundant. You vicariously re-live your childhood through each other; the school bullies are discussed, the only difference being that today you have the gift of wisdom 🙂 You talk about how far you both have come from those days yet speak about going back the roots realizing that nothing seems the same after Africa; a land that nurtured you.

They listen when you speak, uplift you when you feel disgraced and shame. They assure you that you will never feel hurt and ache again. And you instantaneouly know that this is a man of his word. The bond you are growing seems like the greatest remedy and you look no farther. This is your mind and heart finding an innate way of slipping back to what is territory and comfortable. This bond becomes the blueprint for all future sentiments. You have butterflies in your stomach each time they call you ‘sweetheart.’ Literally living the teenage emotions; you talk for hours overcoming the pull backward and bedward feeling because you just never want this to taper. One thing, for real, is that your days seem more accomplished and in your small world, you hum to the melody ‘If you’re happy and you know it…’ The Daily hum drum routine now has a spark to it; the one feeling that sparks your soul.

Could I risk a statement? The real bond is respect, connection, shared values and support. This is the essence and unbeaten formula to keeping mutual admiration, intact. So, Dear Readers, if you haven’t already, open your heart to compassion and conversation. You will be surprised at how much it has to feed your soul. Do not leave your soulmate out there pushing a pull door 🙂 Believe in beginnings with the right person, watching those sunsets together and I promise you, nothing will seem like a crusade any more.