When we make a clear intention, the Universe is listening. That NYC night changed my life, as I knew it.

As a child, I questioned everything. I was the little girl always asking lots of questions and of course the infamous “Why?”

I grew up a Jersey Catholic schoolgirl and was always taught to just accept life as it is. To deal with the hand you’ve been dealt- no matter what and make the best of it.

But being the feisty little gal that I was, I didn’t like that answer. I knew deep down, there had to be more to this.

But as the years went on, I just accepted my fate and rolled with the punches. I went about living life this way and all well going smooth- for a while anyway.

Then there came a time in my life when things were just not flowing the way I wanted them to. As a matter of fact, a lot of things fell apart- friendships, relationships, situations and I sat there wondering, “Why?” It was that time when everything became a challenge and no matter what I did, nothing felt right.

When I asked for advice, I was just told sometimes life isn’t fair and things just happen that way. I knew in my heart there had to be a better way. I wanted answers. I prayed every day and night for them. I asked to please be shown the way.

I was always interested in topics on esoterics, metaphysics and spirituality and delve deeper. Without knowing it, this was when I embarked on my spiritual path.

I remember picking up a flyer for a workshop that intrigued me. When I called to register for it, I was told it was closed but they can squeeze me in. I was so excited!

The day came and I couldn’t wait to attend this event. I was hoping to get answers to my burning questions. But a problem arose. A major snowstorm was on its way. I called the venue if the workshop was still on and it was. As I headed over in the slippery, blizzard-like conditions to this event, I thought to myself, “ Is this crazy?” Maybe I should’ve gone home to put on my cozy pajamas and have some hot chocolate!

Despite the weather, I was on a mission and determined to make it there no matter what!

When I got there, many of the events were canceled but mine was still on. Curiously, I walked in. To my surprise because of the extreme weather conditions, I was the only attendee.

The instructor introduced himself to me. He was dressed in purple and white and had a very calm, peaceful demeanor. He informed me that he did not cancel the event because he believed whether 1 or 100 people showed up, those who showed up would benefit profoundly.

At this workshop, the instructor spoke about a lot about Louise L. Hay. At that time, I did not know too much about her, but I was so moved. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – Our thoughts and feelings create our reality? Do affirmations act as magnets for our desires? This was all new to me! I felt like a kid in a candy store. I devoured all this information and couldn’t wait to hear more. The instructor chuckled at my enthusiasm and said I was quite the ready student. You bet I was!

The next day, I headed over to Barnes & Noble and picked up every Louise L. Hay book I found.

I started to apply these philosophies into my life. It was challenging at first. After all, this was new territory for me.

I was ‘un-learning’ what I was taught after all these years and changing my way of thinking and the beliefs I had.

Truthfully, it was like peeling an onion, there were always more layers. That’s the thing when you’re on the spiritual path- you’re on it for life as I say!

I became so passionate about this work that I completed the Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams workshop leader certification program based on the philosophies of Louise L. Hay. I discovered true transformation first happens within by creating inner shifts that create positive outer changes in your life. I feel this changed me as a person. Miracles and amazing coincidences started showing up in my life.

Being a natural born creative Artist & visionary, I always believed being an entrepreneur was in my blood.

I infused these philosophies to my business by helping people style their space and home from the ‘inside out’. By Styling With Intention and creating a signature style that reflects one’s personality and lifestyle by decorating, dressing and living with intention to attract their heart’s desire became my purpose.

I am always thankful to that little girl who questioned everything. I don’t think I’d be where I am now, if I didn’t wonder, “ Why?”

When my 5 year-old son now asks me numerous times, “Why?” – I just chuckle. It’s those inquisitive types that blaze trails.

I’ll always be thankful for that angel who gave me such inspiring and powerful information.

The choices we make during a challenge is what defines us. I absolutely hate the cold weather but that night I challenged myself. Every choice I have made in my life since then transformed me into the women I am today.

That cold, snowy NYC night may have made me a frozen popsicle on my way there, but I came out with a melted heart and transformed soul!