by Gina Yallamas
(Urban Shaman and Intuitive Life Coach:

Past, present and future all exist in the ‘now’ moment.

Shamanic practices are on the rise all over the world. The issue is not many of us understand the essence of these practices and what they can do for us. Historically, these practices were part of our ancient way of life, we aligned with the natural elements and the earth to support our body mind connection to allow our spirit and the greater source to guide and sustain us.

My modern definition of shamanic healing is guiding and converging all aspects of our body, mind and spirit through a deep understanding of the earths cyclical nature combined with constant self-motivated sacred practices that sustain a natural way of life. We are all capable of self-healing and we can do this in the city, by the ocean, in the desert or on the land anywhere across the whole planet. The only limitation we have is our mind telling us that we can only sustain this particular way of life by doing one kind of practice, taking one kind of medicine, having one kind of practice or living in one place. Choice is equivalent to the infinite quantum field of possibility… anything is possible.

Finding OUR WAY (as opposed to THE WAY) by honouring and listening to the true messages in our heart is where we sustain an em-powered-path and create our own sanctuary, whatever that may look like. The key word here is LISTENING and not just superficial listening but deep listening where ‘nothingness’ becomes our focus. Where switching off means that we cut the crap in both mind and mouth, where blocking the noise means we love ourselves so much no-one or no-thing will stand in the way of us diving into that ‘nothingness’. People often liken this physical feeling to being in a floatation tank or other experiences with mind-altering substances both natural and unnatural.

This is the practice that is necessary to find OUR WAY, until then, our way will be obscured and our way will look and feel like a high-way. I believe that ‘busy-ness’ is the language of the mind, I gave it this name to make a point of being able to recognise my own stories and patterns. Befriending my mind has opened me up to greater inner peace because I can look ‘busy-ness’ in the eyes and send it deep love and watch it melt as it merges into one eye (the third eye) where nothing-ness becomes my focus. I simply accept my busy-ness and transform it through love, looking beyond it in search of nothing-ness is where I connect with my true self. It has been there all along, waiting for me to arrive through listening to and loving myself above all else. We are all ‘nothing-ness’ but this one concept accounts for the foundations of being powerfully everything. The beauty lies in being no-thing and every-thing, that’s the-thing!

Some may call this selfish, I call it true love, true self-love that amplifies your ability to keep loving yourself and others through your own and their own mind-mazes. Going beyond is literally going beyond…. beyond the perceived meaning of anything, everything has a message if you choose to listen and observe your own behaviour. You can choose to create or destroy everything or anything around you based on what is flowing through you. Anger and frustration feeds more anger and frustration, love feeds love, compassion feeds compassion and so on. What you decide to act on is what defines you in that moment and the future.

We are all students of self-mastery, choosing to observe and listen deeply is where we can choose to act from places of inner connection that may not align with the person sitting next to us or the advertising billboard by the side of the road. Learning to discern based on what is good for our heart, regardless of expectations, avoidance, comparison, blame, resentment, projection and so on, is where we reclaim our human right to evolve and be the best version of who we can be.

Our inner guidance system is designed to wake us up lovingly through both pain and pleasure. Love is both high and low, up and down, left and right, black and white until we learn to merge our inner separatist beliefs (that belong to no one but ourselves). Those beliefs linger in layers like a delicate silky cocoon that requires both patient kindness AND disciplined fortitude to peel away the possibilities of who you choose NOT to be. By focusing beyond, we focus on who we already are … undressed. In my visualisations for example, I move from form to formless so that I can penetrate nothingness effortlessly. It’s only the mind constructs that create contracted experiences.

We always have 1 of 2 choices in this life, it’s really not that complicated but humans are complex beings that require evidence and proof for all tangible aspects of life. Focus is powerful and necessary in our modern times of information overload and expectations. How we connect with ourselves is proportional to our ability to connect with others, our intangible energetic blueprints pre-form all external feelings and experiences. Knowing ‘thy-inner-self’ intimately is essential for outer-success and authentic purpose driven impact.

If we simply learn to play with the depth of who we are, we are able to teach our minds to have fun by using the magical aspects of the imagination as a dedicated practice. As a guide for the inner child and the higher self, I help others really get to know their own inner child, connect with the loss and the joy they have experienced and discharge the out-dated subconscious stories so that they can create space for a loving relationship with themselves first. The inner child brings messages that are real and tangible through our feelings. None of this inner-work can be done without connection to our feelings that reside in our hearts.

Whatever landscape we have cultivated and sustained in the past can be altered and loved back into fields of lush vegetation and abundance. The heart as the emperor(ess) provides a reciprocal gateway to our inner and outer world both physical and non-physical. Tapping into the density of its tangible precious resources, minerals and earthy foundations whilst navigating the nobility of its intangible feelings, frequencies and vibrations requires some deep comprehension. How we are guided internally towards and through our journey is what makes the journey enjoyable and adventurous.

Essentially, returning to our personal inner guidance system and acknowledging it as our personal trainer and mindset coach rolled into one is where we begin to create massive personal, cultural and planetary balance. Some call it our spirit, soul, higher self, higher mind, true self or intuition. Naming it helps us own it as we develop a friendship together. How that relationship and the inner child relationship unfolds is all dependent on how much trust we have, the amount of time and effort we put into the relationships and whether we are willing to expose all parts of us by being vulnerable.

Our personal journey is often side-lined rather than integrated due to our past-programming and fear based reality. However, moving beyond that is a choice and is the highest form of self-love. When authenticity and integrity begin to integrate and align within, our potential rises up and our physical reality can shift through self-awareness and heart centred magic. Life is meant to be a magical playground where we play together.


  • Gina Yallamas

    Urban Shaman and Transformational Life Coach

    ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ Lao Tsu Gina works as an Urban Shaman specialising in Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching. This field of Energy Medicine is all about accessing heart-based frequencies to recalibrate imbalances and optimise energetic frequencies to support self-healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit. After completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she began navigating energy through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After discovering various other energetic gifts established through many spiritual courses, Reiki and Channelling, she intuitively connected with her own guides and Inner Coach to begin a whole new multi-dimensional education to reveal Quantum and Shamanic healing abilities. Her expertise as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Life Coach provides deep foundations for personal growth and development. Combining her gifts as an Intuitive Guided Healer, Shaman and Strategic Intervention Life Coach, she helps you navigate your inner terrain by holding a safe space in which acceptance and trust can thrive and allow you to connect back to your intuitive potential. Her passion and mission is to provide healing and coaching for other wellness practitioners and professionals so they can enjoy their journey, embrace their potential and expand into their own gifts through accessing their Inner Coach.