With all the Hollywood buzz about the Golden Globes and the upcoming Oscars, I began to wonder what if our lives had annual awards?

Would we notice our epic wins, our memorable and noteworthy dramas and comedies?

Would there be a category for most valuable contribution to humanity?

What would our original score be or mean?

But what if the most coveted award was… for being ENOUGH?

What if that was the award we gave ourselves daily?

And the award goes to… me…. for being enough?

Simplicity is deceptive.

We often can’t speak an affirmation like, “I’m beautiful, I’m confident. I can handle this” and believe those words.

But the simplicity of stating, “I am Enough.” is nearly irrefutable.

Ok maybe not irrefutable,

You scream, “But I’m not enough , I’m a loser. I don’t have a job, I’ve been divorced three times, I have no friends.”

But try saying this, “I’m a loser, but I’m still enough.  I don’t have a job, but I’m still enough. I’ve been divorced three times and I’m still enough.” Because eventually, if you keep objecting while adding I am enough, I am enough, the objections lose their potency.

Marisa Peer, a renowned psychotherapist and hypnotist who’s worked with  thousands of patients, says, “Almost all the negative habits of people can be traced back to one thing: trying to fill the emptiness of not feeling enough. Because when you feel you’re not enough, nothing can make you feel better.”

According to her, “There is no issue that cannot be massively improved by saying, “I am enough.” Because it’s behind every issue that you have, and when you know you’re enough, it changes everything so, so powerfully.”

Along with hypnosis, she suggests writing, I AM ENOUGH in lipstick on your mirror, on your screen saver, as an alarm on your phone set with a banner tag.

That’s the first way into your brain– visually. But there’s more to rewiring your brain and that is to permeate its portals. That means speak the language of all your senses: Get into your brain visually, auditorially, and kinesthetically. See it written, speak it aloud and feel it as you move. Say “I am enough” aloud and vary the circumstances, like when you’re showering and dressing, while you’re driving to work, when you’re working out, or when you’re prepping for that dream job interview.

How simple is this?

Simplicity is deceptive

We all want an “easy” cure  and then when given one, we resist the easy solution, because well, it’s too easy.

In this season of awards, will you be willing to set yourself up for the Award of a Lifetime?

The award of


Practice this for a full 21 days. That should be ENOUGH to rewire your brain.