Andrei Lucas

It’s safe to say that social media has become a tremendous power that not only fascinates but is at the same token responsible for the change of our lives. Is it a good change? We don’t know, but at this stage let’s face the fact that there is no turning point. The glorious 2000’s are old school now, and fashion, lifestyle, tech, are all in a continuous metamorphosis that never ends. How does one keep up? We’ve seen that everyone is trying to be out there, playing hard, staying relevant and pushing boundaries, but Andrei Lucas is
 a social media public figure and song-writer that gives a different twist to what we should aspire to be, and isn’t afraid to look “old school” , be himself, or not strive to always stay relevant. On his song writing journey, Andrei Lucas tries to blend his creative process with mindfulness while at the same time relating to the real world that surrounds him. It’s definitely not an easy job, and as an artist, one can agree that finding yourself is a never-ending journey.

First of all, where are you now and where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

Now I am definitely in a place where I am more happy with myself, I matured in a positive way and I feel less the need for validation, because I learned that ultimately one has to validate himself and not wait for others to do that. In ten year time, I definitely hope to be in a place where I don’t have to work that much and just get passive income. However from an artistic point of view I hope to be able to create and connect with people I will resonate well with.

How do you juggle your Passion for music and passion for social media without trying too hard?

I think at the beginning before social media came into my life I was sharing my compositions on other platforms which are now inexistent. I tend to think sometimes that I am still stuck in the era of bands such as Green Day, AvrilLavigne, Pink and Evanescence which would share their music on myspace. At this moment as an artist I don’t think you have to be very modern to have an audience, I just think you have to follow your gut. As a business person I believe that you have to find means of getting your art out there and to stay relevant. I guess there’s a bit of both. For me music is “my moment” where I can just let go and be creative to the fullest without having to care what others think or any other contractual barriers. The influencer industry is relatively young, however it has changed many lives and certainly is has had an impact on mine. I think it has good sides that come with also bad sides, such as peer pressure which I felt in the past, but not anymore. I’ve learned to live liberated from trying to fit in and that works for me. It’s not easy to compare yourself to others and to be compared to others. Unfortunately social media has a very shallow side which many times focuses only on superficiality and on “now”. You’re as good as your last post. It’s hard to deal with real life and to also aim to look at your best or be at your best mostly when life circumstances don’t allow you that. I’ve learned also to not believe everything I see and to take everything with a pinch of salt, because I have been deceived by the reality when I got to meet people I looked up to.

On social media, do you consider yourself a role model?

I don’t think I am a role model by any means, and I think that as an influencer you shouldn’t really be considered a role model. You create a community of people who like your style, your personality, your looks or your talent but that doesn’t necessarily make you a role model. Some of my followers are my role models so I don’t think one should be put on a pedestal. I believe in equality.

Do you practice mindfulness?
I do it on a daily basis without realising I do it. It’s becoming a part of me, and life taught me to be as mindful of my surroundings as I can be, also because things will fade quickly and moments with loved ones are often so limited.

What’s your creative process?
I take long walks and during those walks new ideas come to my mind while at the same time practicing mindfulness. It’s a complicated combination that came naturally to me so I just roll with it and do what puts me in a good place mentally.

What would you change in today’s world of social media? And what would you advise brands to do when working with public figures?

I personally believe very much in backstories and I believe that everyone has one. My story and background is very complex from a cultural point of view and also from a career perspective as well. I have always strived to have a large area of expertise and I believe that brands should try to connect with creators who are known in a vast number of fields, so that they can reach out to different platforms.

You released new music this summer after a long hiatus, I won’t ask why the hiatus, but I’d like to know what is the new music about and where does it come from?

The two new singles come from a place of happiness and life. I am happy to be here and be capable of aspiring to do as much music as I can. I am definitely looking forward to releasing an EP soon and I think I should start recording soon.

Mad, the single I released at the end of July is a step in highlighting the vulnerabilities in youth today, suicide in men and reinforcing self love.

I’ve been called mad for just showing my emotions and there have been times when I was honest about how I feel and I was told I’m having a mental breakdown. People seem to impose a standard of how we should feel at any given time, and I think we should be allowed to be vulnerable.”
“People also tend to use the word mad in relation to people who maybe are different, or have particular sensitivities or suffer from anxiety. One shouldn’t be ashamed of who he or she is.”

Why the title Mad?

Mad is a tentative to break masculine vulnerability stigma following a personal journey and sharing a personal view on life.

The single “MAD”, embodies the message that I want to get out there in the pop scene, and that is that one has to leave the past behind, move forward from negative experiences that life can bring, accept self doubt and live to the fullest.



Andrei Lucas

Andrei Lucas, musical artist with an international online audience, relates to a mainstream audience that consumes pop music. His music sends across a contemporary message through a profound, sophisticated and up tempo sound.

Andrei Lucas’ lyrics describe life in it’s complexity and follow dreams with their uncertainties.

As pop is the main genre that the music subscribes to, on his creative journey Andrei Lucas co-produces his sound with alternative artists, bringing a variety of genres and intricate layers to his tracks. What Andrei Lucas writes, every young adult has been through, thought of, believed in, hence why his strong ability to connect with a young audience that lives in today’s world facing today’s challenges in life.