One of the biggest and expressive emotions of a human being is anger. Although it’s required in some cases, it damages your health if it happens frequently. Sure, there are prescription pills out there that are guaranteed to help you with your anger. However, they are antidepressants and all they do is give you a calming effect to make you believe that your anger is controlled.

And yes the anger does go away but it’s not a permanent solution. You’ll have to take pills every time you get annoyed by something or someone and that’ll just harm your health even more. The better option is to avoid the pills and control your anger naturally. Trust me, I’ve been there and PILLS ARE NOT AN OPTION!!!

Now, you might be thinking, how does anger affect our health? Well, if you get angry because of every little thing, it’ll start taking a toll on you mentally as well as physically. Even I went through a similar phase in life and I felt like I will always be dependent on those antidepressant pills.

I almost OD’d on those pills before realizing that this is not an option. I wanted to change my life for good so I consulted a psychiatrist and the way she helped me was amazing. She helped me by guiding me through each and every step to fight my anger naturally and helped me get rid of the pills.

I changed my life for good and my desire is to help anyone who might be going through what I went through. Here are some ways of fighting your anger naturally:

Take Some Time To Think, Instead Of Speaking

When you are so angry that you can feel steam coming out of your ears, it’s very easy to say some things that you might regret later. The worst case being if you are angry at a loved one. If you say something to them without thinking about it, it can harm the relationship. And when you’ll calm down, you’ll regret your actions, however, the damage would have already been done. So, it’s better to take a moment and think when you are angry. Just give it a thought. Think about what you are about to say and if someone said that to you, how much would that hurt. When you start thinking rather than speaking, the mind gets diverted and the intensity of the anger falls down and then eventually it fades away.

Hit The Gym!!

Alright, I’m not crazy! I’ve tried it and it works. It’s one of the best ways to avoid getting angry. Exercise releases stress, both mental and physical and if you release all your stress in the gym, you won’t get annoyed by little things. The energy which you were going to use to get angry, would have already been spent in the gym. Basically, you will develop a positive mindset if you make a habit of going to the gym daily. And that positive mindset won’t allow you to get irritated or angry because of small things.

Bring Some Humour To Your Life

Humour and positive thoughts are the best ways to deal with anger issues. Whenever you get angry, try to remember a joke or watch a funny video online to get rid of the stress and tension. Laughter is the best medicine and it sure is way better than antidepressants. Just try to laugh it off and you’ll see how much your life has changed. Take it from a guy who has experienced it himself (me, of course).

Try Meditation And Yoga

Positive exercises such as meditation and yoga are great for fighting anger and stress. Thinking about your happy place while doing some breathing exercises will fill you up with positive and happy thoughts. Just think of a long field filled with your favorite plants and trees and imagine yourself sitting there, alone, just relaxing! Felt good? Do this the next time you get angry and thank me later.

Take A Break If Possible

Everyone gets stressed out because of many things and if something you do stresses you out, start taking small breaks. We are human and we need to give rest to our body as well as our mind. I can tell you from my personal experience that a stressed person is more likely to get angry if he is disturbed even a little. So, it is my advice for you to take short breaks whenever you can. This will help you by reducing your stress and as a result, there’ll be very less chance of you getting angry because of anything or anyone.


Anger is not at all a positive emotion and it is better locked away. The five ways which are mentioned above are somethings that I do whenever I get angry and they really do work. You can try these or do something of your own to make yourself feel positive. Just remember that acting out in anger is not a solution and it’s best to just get over your anger. I hope this article helps those who might need it.