They say there are birds of sorrow. Yet, what color is such an emotion? Some women embody birds of freedom. Others reflect those birds of sadness. Whatever they may be, they are still connected to birds.

Dark colors have often been associated as a negative, in the Western world and others. Nevertheless, it is from blackness, where the other colors derive from. Certain women embody an essence of a particular bird. If you place the two pictures together, they even resemble each other; their posture, outlook, and highlighted coloring. We will return for additional explanation.

Right now, there will be no explanation. Time will be gifted to the reader to observe and analyze the mirroring of one late, Vietnamese-American singer to the Common Hill Myna of Vietnam. There are similarities. Do not permit your mind to be fooled. Do not think they are so different, that you miss out on this connection. For now, just look at them, and let the song of “Noi Buon Chim Sao,” guide you into their union. Don’t rush, now. Simple take your time; a bird’s natural time!

Phi Nhung