Anmol Gupta has a lot of cards on the table, he is a model, an actor and a fashion influencer, He set out from his home in Haryana to move to Mumbai and pursue his dreams, After making a mark in these fields, he is set to take over the music industry with his new record label – Crazy Lamhe Plug.

He has a full schedule and a lot of new things lined up, but fortunately, he cleared up a little time from his busy day to sit down with us and give us a little insight into his life.

Q: You were already making strides as a model and an influencer, you also have so many opportunities on the table, what made you think about the possibility of opening your own record label?
Anmol Gupta: I have always been passionate about the arts and other creative works. I liked film and theatre, so I came into the line of acting. After I settled down as an actor, I became an influencer and a model because I also had a love for fashion.

Not many people know this about me, but I am also a singer-songwriter. Now that I have settled down in my other pursuits, I think it’s finally time to give attention to music.

Since I am blessed enough to have the resources – I am launching Crazy Lamhe Plug. It is not only to house and nurture my passion, but also to provide opportunities to other singers and songwriters.

Q: You mentioned you had some “resources” that gave you the confidence of taking this step. What were these resources?
Anmol Gupta: The music industry is a very competitive field. It is very common for talented people to not even get one chance to showcase their talents -even in the slightest- because some guy in a suit didn’t understand their artistic vision or was too busy to give them their due time. Many times it is a struggle to even walk through the doors of a record label.

So, I think my insight as an artist myself will be a huge advantage. Secondly, through my experience as an actor, model and an influencer, I have gained quite a lot of lucrative connections. We also have a song ready to hit the charts, so everything is aligning perfectly.

Q: Sounds like you have laid quite strong foundations for Crazy Lamhe Plug and we wish the best for this endeavour.
Anmol Gupta: Thankyou, I hope Crazy Lamhe Plug is able to build a successful and wholesome empire or artists through these strong roots and support.

Q: Speaking of support, do you have a dependable support system in life?
Anmol Gupta: Oh absolutely! My family is extremely supportive and I would do everything to make them proud. Anytime I have a new idea, they receive it so well and give helpful inputs. If I’m ever feeling down, they are always there to cheer me up.

Even these days, I’m busy with Crazy Lamhe Plug, and if I’m ever feeling overwhelmed they always help in calming me down and always lend a willing ear.

Q: Do you have any message or advice that you would like to leave for our readers?
Anmol Gupta: I don’t have any messages or any advice, but rather a request. Please give back to society to the best of your capacity. We all want a better world, and this change starts with us.

I will be doing my part by donating a percentage of Crazy Lamhe Plug’s profits to charities that support and help out the underprivileged. Follow him on Instagram