As far as I know e-mailing is the second most tool of communication came into existence after the communication tools like a letter, fax, etc. The first ever way of communication through the use of the internet. But nowadays through the ever-arising emergence of various communication mediums, we have almost forgotten to check or maintain our email accounts and to have a look at our inboxes, and it’s just because, e-mails in the running time is not used as a way to communicate as this place is already been hijacked by superior applications of new times.

So I would like to say it in a simply short way about how your inbox in your mail account gets unloaded with undesirable stuff and checking them, day after day could lead to loss of efficient time and energy to be spent upon. In order to search for relevant information with the help of internet and its search is also one of your ways. As some pages of the certain website gets locked and to see it further asks you to register with your email id to further access and this is also a way that it can through mail id addresses to other websites as well to increase its credibility. And usually to open any account whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or simple to make your own website it demands from you, your email id to get you accessed further. Once you’ve registered, the related information of it’s expiry, further updation or related to the premium paid, piles up like anything in your inbox.

E-mail accounts are being used and runned on a professional basis too, where several business houses or companies are engaged through setting accounts and linked upto emails for receiving or sending any type of information, as it is accessible anywhere and mainly, the important types of files and presentations can be easily communicated through emails. So as, we know on the professionally held basis or on the basis of your priorities or interests, things which we receive or sent via e-mails could be necessary, but the junk of unnecessary information seems to take our necessary time in order to clear up the email account often.

Being a clear, disciplined kind of person, I like to segregate/divide things accordingly to its importance and with a diligent sense of my priorities. Even for me, this sending and receiving e-mail story is same, as I do things on the internet or get my email id subscribed but in relevance to acquire information related to my subject or the things which I want access to. I reach out to my mails several times.

I have my usual habit of checking mails in the morning, before starting my work, as through my mails, I also receive information related to my work and the various communities of which I have taken membership. If any person wants to connect or any company’s recruitment offers, I have my email account. As I rarely use my social media accounts to get in touch. I open my e-mail account 3-4 times in a day, to just see whether I am not missing out on important information or just to assure myself.

Receiving so many emails whether it is regarding discounts on tours and travels or scholarship opportunities, upgrading premiums on applications, promotional events of the related information you searched or the newsletter, you’ve subscribed for, and not checking them oftenly or even on a monthly basis could cause enumerous mails in your inbox and by the time you’ll open your mail account, you’ll be surprised saying, ‘O, My! Now spending the time to read these, could consume a whole day.’ Since you have to go through each mail to make out which is to be removed to trash, could take half of your time. Five years before, when I was not often a visitor to my email account, it was tiring and very boring for me to go through several mails. But now since I know how to deal with all that irrelevant stuff, it seems to me not that troublesome. Atleast I am out of the havoc.

I created related folders for related news or information. Like receiving e-mails from a friend would directly go to personal label/folder and important news related to recruitments or change in the working system if any, to work label/folder. Bank account related invoices to receipts label. So it can be organized and delivered to the following labels or folders.

There wasn’t such a mess in my life, because of receiving or sending e-mails. Because whenever I have important works to handle or any work which needs virtual connection and mails popping up in between, I can also check them, when it’s break time or later. Sometimes, it’s fun doing multitasking between switching work and work is my ever first priority.

As for now checking mails and responding to the important ones doesn’t seem to me like that strenuous work. It could itself get simplified with some easy to go tips :

1. Inbox Zero :

This is an important and vital tool for every mail account, as it could help to let go, once the mail has been read and hence saving space for your inbox.

2. Prioritize your time for reading to an email :

This trick is the most commonly used when you want to make a wise use of your time via giving accurate response after reading the necessary part.

3. Many e-mails like for promotions, tourism offers, or unnecessary advertisements/invites, unsubscribe them, if it’s not of use :

Unnecessary or additional news or advertisement pages, for some application comes, then it’s better to unsubscribe them and get rid of it.

4. Creation of related labels or folders :

The best way is according to the preferences create folders for necessary work, so that it is easy to search for it at times and not processing through each mail.

5. My best approach, ‘Reply Instead’ :

The easy way to get an e-mail stopped from reoccurring is that to respond at the moment to the mails which demands your immediate reponse.

Well, if I talk about the e-mail systems or the way e-mails been handled at the workplaces are good enough. But it really matters a lot, the intent and the content both work simultaneously, in case, where emails are the basis of the connection between the workplaces and the related people.

· If an e-mail carrying an appropriate and a relevant subject line for it, then e-mail itself tops at its place.

· The way an e-mail is composed or written for its customers or clients matters, the real message should be recognizable.

· The client server and the main server should be agreed in any case. Servers must be essential and connected, in case of any important e-mail to be communicated.

There are some easy tips to have a trouble free e-mail account carrying relevant information in the most organized ways.


  • Shaima Khan

    Founder Of Artizone Information, who has interest in content creation and managing web analytics

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