The latest storm in Texas is joining the fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, to signal to us that we don’t have much time left to change.

A mere two years after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, we have another opportunity to understand what nature wants from us, and reduce the path of suffering in advance of these disasters.

The imbalance in human relations, which is the highest level of nature, directly causes an imbalance in the lower levels of nature — still, plant world and animal kingdom.

It is the behavior of humans and especially our thoughts, which violate the balance in nature.

The less balanced our relationships, the more imbalance in nature as a whole.

As long as we do not work to balance the relationship and network of thoughts between us, the outlook for the earth, and us as its inhabitants, is very poor.

We must begin immediately and without delay, to nurture the most powerful force that exists in us: the power of thought.

If we aim our minds and hearts towards better human connection, we will activate a positive force that is deeply rooted in the natural system, and it will bring balance into all levels of nature.

The following video of Hurricane Harvey survivors speaking right after they were rescued, shows how smart we get really fast when facing a life and death situation:

We have entered a new era of human evolution, where we are facing a transformation that is far beyond our mechanical actions. To put it simply, we have to change ourselves. The time has come for the inner qualities, inclinations, and intentions of the human, to come into balance with those of the natural system.

It’s hard for us to see the connection between our inner world and the natural world. We certainly don’t see how our intentions and desires can bring about a hurricane. But the fact that we are not aware of this, won’t stop nature from completing its mission.

Nature is a holistic system. Every single element bears an influence on the entire system, and all of nature’s elements are interconnected and interdependent. The challenge with regards to the influence of humans on the system is that our inner world is only seen by one observer — ourselves. So as a society, we focus on the mechanical actions that we can all see and judge on the outside.

But in nature, the forces that have the greatest potential are actually those that are most subtle and hidden.

Today, we have to drill into the subtle and deepest layers of our being. What force will we discover there? An “egoistic gravity” that keeps us feeling separate from others and from the rest of nature. That we’re constantly willing to put self-benefit above the well-being of others. That we lack a sense of connection with and consideration of all people and all other beings. This is where we are opposite to nature. And this is precisely where we have to find balance.

While all the levels of nature maintain an instinctive balance, ours (the human level) will be a conscious one. It will begin when we start nurturing our inner attitude towards each other and shape a network of positive human connections that will ripple through the rest of nature.

This will be the basis for the future human society. A society where you, your fellow man, and nature are one. A society that has made it a priority to learn to push all the right buttons, so that natural catastrophes don’t have to occur.