Get really clear on why you want to write a book before you even write a word!

Quite often, when I ask people for their reason why, they’ll say they’ve never really thought about it.

If they write the book, without really knowing what their desired outcome is, it’s likely that it won’t be in line with what their true soul’s desire.

Others will say that they just want a sense of accomplishment for having written a book… But is that true? And is it enough to keep you motivated enough to get it finished and published?

Imagine you have that finished book in your hands. Yes, it will feel great- but the fact is, that without a bigger vision, not many people will even hear about it. It’s one thing to write a book, but surely you want it to reach as many people as possible?

That begins with asking yourself what your deeper reason why is. Once you have the answer to that, you’ll be able to call in the right readers, and to really harness one of the most powerful tools on the planet, to skyrocket yourself and your business to heights you never before thought possible!

It’s not enough to spend hours on end writing just to have your book sitting on the Amazon shelf selling a copy every now and again. Your book can be the most powerful, life changing book out there but if people won’t see it, it’s not going to transform many lives. Would you really feel accomplished knowing you could have impacted so many more lives?

Answer these questions, fully, openly and honestly.

1. Imagine you have your published book in your hands, in an ideal world. What would happen next?

2. Which of the following would you like to happen, following the release of your book?

– Interview on TV, podcasts, radio and TV.

– Magazine features.

– International speaking engagements.

– Being booked for consulting.

– Attracting more of your ideal clients to you.

– Making more money!

– Helping people on a global scale.

Anything else?

Go wild here, most people don’t even realise the magnitude of what doors open as a result of having a bestselling book. Being honest with yourself about what you actually want, not what you think is possible at this moment in time, is the first step in making it a reality.

3. Why is it important to you?

4. What do you mean? (Dig deeper)

5. Why now?

Now that you have uncovered your big reason why, you’ll be able to write your book keeping the purpose in mind throughout and speaking to the people that your soul is calling you to share your message with!

Let’s change the world… One message at a time!


  • Luana Ribeira

    Book & Media Coach

    Luana Ribeira (previously named Eirian Cohen) is a book & media coach. After the success of her own bestselling books, she now helps other entrepreneurs to sky rocket their business with a bestselling book, and by helping them get media publicity which elevates them into celebrity status in their niche. Since she became a bestselling author, she has booked a 3 month contract with FOX TV, become one of FORBES top 21 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2018, developed relationships with media outlets including Huffington Post, NBC, ABC, Miami Herald and over 300 more; been booked for speaking gigs internationally and rapidly grown her audience taking her business to new levels. Luana currently resides in rural Portugal where she is setting up a fully sustainable, eco friendly animal sanctuary. She is also a black belt in kickboxing and has 2 homeschooled girls.