Anthony Malascalza started his journey in the vast world of business by making door-to-door sales in his local area. He always wanted to have his own business someday and become a millionaire through it. Anthony had always been tireless, and he is someone who stops at nothing to attain his goals. He reached his dream at a young age, but not many people were aware of what he had to go through.

Anthony had to overcome numerous obstacles and challenges as a young kid, including dropping out of college due to financial constraints. This one particular event forced him to resort to going into business so he could sustain himself as he had no one else to rely on. His start to business was full of hardships, but he didn’t let this bring his morale down as he was eager to succeed.

Instead of becoming discouraged by the countless challenges he encountered, Anthony looked for opportunities for growth and learning in everything he faced. He even considered these things to have made him invincible as he toughened up through handling these challenges well. Many years later, Anthony came out victorious against all those obstacles, and he proudly shares his success story on Facebook and Instagram.

At age 21, Anthony started building his own business called Limitless Consulting and Marketing, Inc., and to his amazement, it skyrocketed right away. He was already earning seven digits just in his first year as a business owner and was able to help many people in the process. Anthony became a millionaire by the age of 27, something that most older and more experienced people could only dream of achieving.

Anthony’s company, Limitless Consulting and Marketing Inc., is an organization that reaches out to the most prestigious brands in the market. The company has a powerful network of some of the most highly recognized businesses, which helps clients expand their market quickly. The company’s motto, “We take good talent and make great money,” encapsulates what they do for any business that wants to grow its revenue.

With Anthony’s success, he’s able to make a difference in his community by supporting charity events for children. He also advocates for access to education for all, especially children, as he struggled to finish his studies. In addition, Anthony is able to provide jobs to hundreds of people through LCM, Inc. As of recently, he has hired over 150 independent contractors who have helped his business flourish.

Anthony takes pride in launching his own business without any business experience, relevant educational background, or knowledge of human resource management. He also lacked support, especially on the financial side of things, but he overcame all of these disadvantages. Anthony risked whatever he had to start his own company, which turned out to be the best decision he had ever made.

Anthony wants everyone to know that success knows no age, academic degree, or social background. Anthony looks to have offices all across the US and hit 50 million in annual revenue someday. This may sound impossible to many people, but not Anthony, who has constantly exceeded people’s expectations.