Anxiety has become a common issue in today’s date and almost every other person you see is dealing with it! Studies have shown that a very common source of anxiety is the fatigued economy and an constant voice in your head saying “what if you become jobless?”. Even if a job guarantees complete security, it doesn’t lack the heavy workload which is dumped onto you. Many people don’t take leaves even when they are sick because of the constant though in their mind about what if their boss lays them off. Even the media doesn’t give these people a break by constantly reporting the very weak consumer confidence and its slow recovery.

To cope with this, you need to not let anxiety control your life as it results into low self esteem and moral, increased blood pressure levels and even loss/lack of sleep. Even if you feel like you aren’t affected by these symptoms, anxiety can severely effect the people around you including your friends and family and make them more anxious, this effect heavily effects particularly children in household.

If you think becoming a heavy worker or a ‘workaholic’ will solve your problem, trust me on this, it won’t. It would just affect you, your family and relationships with other people long term.

So, what’s the solution to this, there are quite a few

  • Organize your time organizing your time early in the morning or just before you sleep at night is of great help, as it doesn’t only help you manage anything but also eliminates any kind of distractions or unproductive things you’ve been doing and helps you focus on your work and relationships at the same time making you more productive. It has even helped some people giving them more time to pursue their hobbies aside from their work. The best way to do this is by either making a schedule with a set of goals/ a to-do list for the day in a diary and following it or using a day planner app on your iPhone or Android device.

  • Follow your bio-clock – Some people say that doing the hardest or the most energy consuming work either at early morning or in the evening has helped them get through it more easily as opposed to getting it done at some other time. This is because their body feels the most comfortable doing it at that particular time period. All you need to do is experiment with your bio clock a bit and find the best time for you to work to get the most hard work done easily.

  • Getting a Pet – did you know that animals can help reduce anxiety quite well. There are some animals classified as Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) which help patients suffering from certain mental conditions recover. ESA owners are also protected and supported by law. Getting an ESA can be really helpful for you to get through anxiety and live a happy and enthusiastic life again.

  • Taking rest – Taking a break of 20 minutes after an hour or two of work really helps you get fresh again and start the further work even more energetically. Getting a good night’s sleep is also very crucial while dealing with anxiety as it helps your remain motivated and fresh throughout your day!

Above all, don’t forget that life has a lot of ups and downs and everything will be fine one day, though it may take time. Don’t forget that your life is the most precious thing that you’ll ever possess above all materialistic thing and relationships. Stay happy and never lose hope.