Society would have us believe that anxiety is a weakness and most of us buy into this theory. We spend our lives trying to cure our anxiety or trying to hide it with various self help techniques. Perceiving anxiety in this way increases our suffering because it adds a layer of shame, stress and alienation. I know because I have been there. But I have a radical idea for you. What if anxiety is not a flaw or weakness, but an amazing gift that heals, transforms and makes your fragmented self whole again? What if it is a bridge to something wonderful; an illuminated path to rediscovering your true self as an infinite being? If we can embrace anxiety instead of seeing it as a failing, we can unearth gifts and talents and reshape ourselves into the being that we are truly meant to be.

What Are The Different Types of Anxiety?

Anxiety comes in many forms and durations.  Short term anxiety might be brought on by a particular event in your life. Long-term anxiety might be a result of continual exposure to a negative situation for a long time. Psychological effects might include negative self-talk, constant worry or fear, hypervigilance, racing thoughts, difficulty focussing or relaxing, and feelings of irritation or avoidance.  Physiological responses might include racing heart, shallow breathing, trembling, dizziness, inability to sleep, fatigue, tight muscles, sweating, and stomach issues.

Using Anxiety As Your Self Help Tool for Transformation

No matter what level of anxiety you are at, you have an incredible opportunity for self-discovery, self help, and transformation. True anxiety is a natural emotion that alerts you to danger and perceived threats. Without anxiety you would not be able to handle true emergencies. Instead of trying to cut anxiety out of your life, what if you could learn to appreciate the symptoms of anxiety?

Anyone who grew up in the era of the fat-free fad would remember how we viewed fat as being bad for your health. However, later research suggests that maintaining a fat-free diet robs us of life-enhancing nutrients. Likewise, since anxiety is a natural emotion designed to alert us to danger, what does eliminating all anxiety symptoms rob us of?

Anxiety Has Something To Teach You

Anxiety and its symptoms have something to teach you about your brain, your body, your subconscious mind and your beautiful spirit. Your symptoms are here to serve you. They are not a burden. By recognising this, you position yourself to make productive and peaceful choices while living a truly meaningful life.

When we shift our attention and set our intention to becoming the best possible version of who we are in any given moment, we can use anxiety’s symptoms (however they may present themselves) as a signpost toward a path of transformation. What a powerful catalyst!

How to Use Your Anxiety as a Self Help Tool for Transformation?

Invite anxiety to be your teacher and you irradiate the fear response, thereby allowing yourself to be an open and receptive student. When you feel safe in the confines of your body, it gives you the chance to invite, feel and understand your feelings instead of shutting them down (as many of us who experience anxiety tend to do).  

By understanding or awakening to the truth that we are much more than our anxiety, we begin to see ourselves as infinite beings who manifest light and love rather than victims to fear or prisoners of our environment or past experiences. We become open to light and do not resist our being.

Resisting who we are, even with our anxiety, is what makes the fear persist and what makes us angry towards others. As infinite beings, we are gifted with free will. We are free to choose how we live, how we respond to situations, and how our experiences affect our lives. Our experiences, no matter how hurtful, are pregnant with potential for spiritual growth if we can integrate them into our core. To do this, we may have to accept, understand, and even love the experience. We are capable of doing this.

It may sound trite, but everything happens for a reason and, even though for some of us our anxiety is severe due to childhood experiences, we can find healing in the present because we are infinite beings of love and have access to that infinite consciousness. We can clean ourselves of the toxins caused by constant toxic thoughts because this consciousness activates our capacity for forgiveness and self-love since.

You are love.

Thank you for reading!

This article was originally published on Anxiety Gone.

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