I don’t know if this is pretty normal to people who just experienced a sudden sharp maneuver from their lives but lately, I’ve been thinking about the concept of death. There’s this moment of wondering (especially when my mind is pretty unoccupied with random things) what could possibly happen if death suddenly knocks at your door. Different scenarios form in your conscious mind like little dramas flashing on your TV screen. You just watch the scenes unfold.

Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it.

I feel like death made a slight knocking at my door quite unnoticeable. Probably just reminder that I need to be aware of its existence and make sure to live my life with a sense of purpose. I strongly believe and feel that it’s not my time yet but I appreciate that soft knocking. It made me reflect on my life a little deeper.

So when death starts to knock once more (and maybe by that time it’s more audible and probably with a hint of urgency), I can say I am more prepared and ready to go with confidence because I know that I have accomplished the tasks I was given. I can definitely leave the Earth with a smile on my face.

At the moment, I am currently living a very unconventional life. Some people may think I have lost my morality, or that I have gone completely out of my head because of my beliefs and “absurd” principles. I would love to promote exceptionalism holding a placard of some sort just to let everyone know that all of us are entitled to be exceptional. We are all unique human beings, it’s just that some people are afraid to give it their best and do the extremes. The weirder you are, the more you get noticed. So, why not try being a little crazier? because life is too short and next thing you know, angels of death would be knocking at your door pretty soon. Get out there and break some rules. Death is fast approaching like a bullet train! 


  • Cheryl Lynne Azarraga

    Blogger, Content Writer from Philippines

    Cheryl Azarraga is a Content Writer and Blogger from the Philippines. She writes for several websites like Wheninamnila.com and Wazzuppilipinas.com. , She studied the Raj Yoga meditation which enabled her to deal with everyday battles of life.  She loves reading books about Psychology, Hypnosis,  yoga, Parapsychology and anything mind related. Other than reading and writing, she also loves traveling solo  and immersing with the locals on each country she visits. Get to know her through her blog www.thesouthgirltravels.com