April 2015, aged 38 I walked into the Grosvenor Hotel in Central London, little did I know how my life was about to transform for the better. I had been through more mental anguish and pain than most people can imagine. For the last 21 years I have been suffering from a multitude of Mental Health Illnesses which included crippling OCD, depression, anxiety, high anxiety, mania, hypomania, panic attacks, convoluted, irrational thinking, split personality and the list goes on.

Becoming an alcoholic to numb me of all this daily pain and an addict to the prescription anti-depressant medication prescribed to me by my local GP, I felt was my only choice. I looked across the cocktail bar to see the man whom would ultimately change, save and transform my life, although the room was a little blurry due to me being partially blind in my left eye.

My life was on the verge and I was close to contemplating to commit suicide for the second time, I no longer could not take the pain, shame, and fear I deep down felt. Truth is, to this day my family doesn’t even know about my 1st suicide attempt at another point in my life when I was extremely sick and tired of the pressures coming from the environment in which I found myself in. It is also true that I spent most of my time hating every second of my life and fearing when I would have the next epileptic fit. The medication I used to take for my epilepsy would often leave me tired out also depressed.

The man I was meeting, unbeknown to me at the time, is considered by many as the Worlds #1 leading expert in the psychology of business success, helping people break free their limiting beliefs and maximise their human potential. As a speaker he has spoken at the United Nations and authored three Amazon Best Selling books. The more I worked with him, the more I realized the depth of the work that Billionaires, Millionaires, Royals, entrepreneurs and leaders of fortune 500 companies where hiring him to do. I learned that he has appeared over 100 TV/Radio Channels across the world including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and their affiliate channels.

For the first time in my life, I felt listened too, safe, and inspired to dedicate my life to being coached and learning how to reduce and possible fully heal the pain I felt inside. A year later, I find myself giving my first public talk on stage at the Waldorf Astoria in London no less at the book launch of his Book Excellence Award Winner #Loneliness. It was on this night I came to realize that without this man’s teachings, compassion, and wisdom, I would no longer be alive and that humbled me and brought me to tears.

Ever since, Tony Jeton Selimi is teaching me in the most loving, caring and gentlest of ways to remaining on a path to heal myself of over 20 years of pain, shame, and guilt. Sadly, I have to admit that during the twenty year I spent going through the NHS Mental Health Systems, my quality of life diminished to almost zero. OCD is ranked as one of the World’s Top Ten most debilitating conditions and cripples millions of people and their families globally and I now know that we all ought to wake up to using a more of hybrid holistic approach to wellbeing where healthcare systems can integrate Tony’s unique methodology to provide a better care for patients.

One of my favourite quote from Tony “Trying to heal the body without bringing the psychology in equilibrium is futile” is what woke me up to open myself to his teachings. Being taken on an inside-out transformational healing journey, is what helped me learn the healing power of gratitude, acceptance, and openly speaking my truth without the fear of being judged.

Today, my Epilepsy is cured, I have been free of my addictions for four years, and my Multitude of Mental Health Illnesses no longer impact me as they used to, especially the intrusive thoughts of OCD.

An Illness still said to be incurable by modern medical science; I am still on a healing journey and I often feel like a walking miracle, because, deep down I know this not to be true. I am a living proof of this, thank you for allowing me to share a small part of my transformational mental health healing journey, may it inspire you to do the same.

The picture on the left is of myself on the day I met Tony Selimi in April 2015, the picture on the right is of myself today.

Paul McMonagle