Being the co founder of F Cancer, a registered 501c3 charity, I’m often asked to write about my story as if it’s somehow glorified, one that people want to hear and read about. The truth is most of the time I feel very undeserving of this opportunity. I greatly appreciate the platform and the lovely messages I receive, but my story and my experience is really no different from any other 19 year old kid who lost a mother to Cancer.

We all share an indescribable bond and over night had become members of a club we wish we knew nothing about. We are faced every day with the harsh reality of trying to exist in a world our mothers are no longer a part of. We hold them in our hearts and attempt to carry their spirit with us wherever we go. I too, like so many others understand what it’s like to watch your mother suffer physically and mentally. To feel that your world is being stripped away from you, incapacitated knowing there is nothing you can do to change the outcome.

However there is one thing that I did do after my mother passed away that continues to guide me and has led me to some of the best, most important moments in my life. I made a steadfast decision to use the loss and pain to push me every day, to make me better and to continue inspiring me for the rest of my life.

The beauty of this decision is that anyone can make it. It takes a split second but ultimately it changes your attitude, your happiness and the life you will lead moving forward. It leaves you feeling empowered, with the understanding that life doesn’t owe you anything, you owe it to yourself to make your life the very best that it can be. A line my mother would so often use with her children.

It’s a decision that pushed me to co found an incredible charity, to work every day to grow that charity and to use its platform for positive change.

It has given me the unbelievable opportunity to work with others who share this desire and who give of themselves altruistically with the hopes of making a difference in the Cancer space.

Our organization has been lucky enough to have the support of people like Scooter Braun, Stephen Amell, Martin Garrix, Kenny Burns and many others who all share this passion.

In particular it’s been a very exciting year having the opportunity to work with the Bingo Players. A perfect example of someone who understands the importance of using his platform for the greater good and appreciates the value in giving back in order to help others.

In honor of their ten year anniversary tour, The Bingo Players pledged to donate 1–2 dollars of every ticket sold to F Cancer. We signed on to be the official charity beneficiary and in addition to the ticket donation, created a limited edition co branded merchandise line. More so then the financial support, what’s been truly inspiring is watching Maarten who lost his best friend and business partner a few years ago to Cancer continue to honor his legacy by fighting for our cause. The response from both communities has been unbelievable and the unity and strength that’s created by coming together and collectively fighting back against this disease is something we hope to continue recreating every year. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be involved in this project. I would urge anyone reading this article to click the link below so you too can get involved, play your part and follow a path that has been paved for you by so many incredibly special people working hand in hand to make a difference.

Official Bingo Players Fuck Cancer Store
All proceeds will go to the Fuck Cancer!

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