Introducing Just Checking In, an app that helps keep you automatically connected to family and friends to avoid isolation and loneliness. In midst of the pandemic, we have all felt the loss of direct human interaction and Just Checking In is reducing the health risk of depression and suicide triggered in these trying times. The app notifies your emergency contacts if you don’t check in and allows family and friends to view your daily check in status. With everyone’s busy schedules, it is easy to forget the simple gesture of checking in, and we don’t realize how important close bonds between families and friends across the globe are. Co-founder Eric Usher and Kala Haynes battled their own issues with depression and joined forces to come up with a solution to the pandemic blues.

Usher says, “Who concerns me are the millions of individuals forced to stay home due to COVID-19. With depression being the leading cause of disability worldwide, a missed check in could mean a lot more than we think. For example, Kala noted a young mother who recently had COVID and was found alone in her apartment. Kala says, “We highlighted how it’s important now more than ever for family and friends to just check in on each other, especially those living alone. We loved the cause and wanted to use it for our family, so we began building it.” How does it work?

Just Checking In is a mobile app that notifies your emergency contacts if you don’t check in and allows family and friends to view your daily check in status. 

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Kala Haynes – Co-Founder of Just Checking In, has years of experience working as an Office Manager and Medical Assistant in a variety of areas within the healthcare field. Kala has cared for patients of all ages in General Practice, Pulmonary Care, and Physical Therapy at Emory Hospital.

Kala understands the importance of providing a consistent connection for those in need. She knew that some of her patients lived alone, had family out of state, or had no one to share their feelings with. She made it a point to make each one feel important. Knowing she could change someone’s day just with a smile and genuine concern made her own depression fade. Living alone in Atlanta took a toll on her happiness and checking in with her patients lifted her spirits.

Reflecting on those days in the medical field and more recently the isolation that many feel during the Pandemic helped Kala realize that the Just Checking In App could be a beacon of light for those who need to know that someone cares.

Eric Lee Usher- Co-Founder of Just Checking In and President of Heraclius, a member of the NMSDC (National Minority and Development Council). With over 15 years of experience, Eric is one of today’s leading millennial business entrepreneurs.

During his early years as an entrepreneur, Eric experienced many late nights, solo travels and numerous missed family events. His ambition unfortunately pushed him further away from his family than he ever would have imagined. He understands first-hand what isolation can do to your mental health. “Isolation is easily developed in a connected world”, said Usher. “It’s so important now more than ever to consistently stay connected.”

The Just Checking In App allows Eric to share his expertise to help reduce the health risk of depression and suicide triggered by isolation.