It had to happen to you one day: your washing machine has just broken down, your fridge is no longer cooling, your steam generator is no longer heating … One of your appliances, small or large household appliances, let’s go of you. How to do it? Before you try to get rid of it and look at the price of new devices, think about the repair. We all tend to rush when sometimes it is a fault that can be fixed in no time. If you are worried that it will cost you dearly, let’s see what solutions are available to you.

Why have my appliances been repaired?

If your device is still under warranty, great; all you have to do is call the store or website such as appliance repairman for homeowners where you bought your appliance to find out what to do and repair it. However, very often failures occur after the device is no longer under warranty. It wouldn’t be funny otherwise! And, it is indeed your case. Why we recommend that you have your appliance repaired anyway:

You make a gesture towards the environment

By not throwing away your washing machine, coffee maker, microwave, or even your iron, you are helping to preserve the environment. By getting rid of it, you increase the amount of waste. Of course, some household appliances remain un-repairable, which is different. But, to get started, try the repair.

You will save money

Repairing an appliance that is no longer under warranty will cost you more or less. However, this is still a less expensive expense than buying a new device. In addition, you will be able to repair some small breakdowns yourself; indeed, many resources are now available on the web. And, there are some tips for paying a little less, even when using a third-party provider.

How do I repair my appliance myself?

First of all, rely on the instructions for the device. You will generally find at the end of the document any faults, the signs that your device has broken down, and what to try to do to remedy it. And, if you have misplaced it, which is common after a few years, the internet now offers us the chance to find it online by typing the name of the precise model into the search engine.

How to find a cheap and reliable repairer?

Repairing your machine alone scares you and you do not feel up to doing this step. So, there are various solutions to allow you to have your device repaired without having to spend a fortune.

Find the right repairer on a dedicated platform

These platforms bring together professionals in all sectors of activity (plumbing, heating, carpentry, etc.) and allow them to be contacted by individuals, like you, when they encounter problems at home. As an individual, you enter your contact details as well as the concern encountered and the professional sought.

You will then receive various proposals from these companies. If these are online, it is because they were chosen by the platform as a serious and trusted provider. The fixed prices are generally less expensive than if you go directly through a company.

Carry out repairs between individuals

There are also websites dedicated to individuals who wish to help each other. These sites are intended for the problems that individuals may encounter at home: breakdown of household appliances, odd jobs to be done, pet care, ironing, etc.

It will be advisable to state your problem on the site, as you would publish an advertisement, as well as the budget which you can allocate for this need. You will then receive various proposals from interested individuals wishing to help you. Payment is made through the platform.

Whether it is a platform dedicated to individuals only or grouping together various companies, each repairer is verified and the platforms study the feedback from customers who have called on them. Some of them also show customer reviews; a good thing to give you an idea.