There are 7 Rs that are correlated with developing a marketing plan. They help to make a business successful and enable its marketing efforts to pay off. I’ve said it many times before, but in life, we are constantly marketing ourselves. Then, why not apply these same 7Rs to marketing ourselves, or being successful in life? After all, we need to have a plan to move forward, particularly when we are going after new goals, or even when we are trying to have a major glow up.

Here’s how you can apply the 7 Rs of Marketing to your life:

  1. Research. When goal setting, or trying to attain the results that you want, you must conduct thorough research. What do you need to do to move to where you want to be? Which steps will you take to get there? Research will help you figure out exactly what you should do and how.
  2. Rates. In the marketing sense, this has to do with figuring out how much you are going to charge for your products or services. In the personal sense, this has to do with knowing your own value and worth. Performing this type of self-analysis can be a challenging thing to do, but until you understand your own value and worth, you will likely settle for less in all aspects of your life.
  3. Resources. I believe that this R is key. You must have the right resources to present yourself in the way that you want to, and to accomplish what you long to accomplish. Part of having the right resources is pinpointing exactly what they are, and then conducting an analysis in terms of what you already have and what you need to acquire. These can be physical, intellectual, spiritual, or emotional resources. Do you have the support you need to be successful? Are there any areas that you would like to beef up? What would enable you to glow up and perform better?
  4. Retailing. For marketing, this is just like it sounds. It involves determining the channels that you will leverage to sell your products or services. For life, it has to do with putting yourself in the right places, and surrounding yourself with positive people who have a similar mindset and goals.
  5. Reliability. In marketing, you must be reliable to your customers. When it comes to your personal life/goals, you have to be reliable both to yourself and to others. What does that mean? It means sticking with taking action towards your objectives, following through with commitments, and treating others the same way that you would want them to treat you.
  6. Reward. Reward has to do with offering incentives in marketing. When it comes to your personal life, you must think about what incentives others have for interacting with you. What do you bring to the table? Is it friendship, support, knowledge, relatability, humor? What’s in it for those in your company?
  7. Relationship. With business being so competitive today, establishing strong relationships with our customers only makes sense. We want them to continue to interact with us and buy from our company. The same thing applies in life. Having strong bonds with other people brings more joy to us and helps us in terms of support and achieving our goals. It also ups the ante in terms of our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual fulfillment.

As you can see, adhering to the 7 Rs of marketing is useful when it comes to marketing yourself and living your best life. By leaning into research, rates, resources, retailing, reliability, reward, and relationships, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, and grab a lot of fulfillment along the way!