To help you with this ,I’d like to give you a challenge.  To start, get your one game-changing goal for 2018. Get it in front of you – on your computer or a piece of paper, heck even a napkin. I don’t care, just have it written own. Get it out, dust it off, or write it out now. What is your big, hairy-scary goal for 2018?

Take 5 minutes now to do this.


Because to achieve great things, things you’ve never had before, it takes laser-like focus and specificity. It takes a full body and soul desire like nothing else. Hold this goal in your mind, your heart, your everything. If you want big change, it needs this type of full on “I want this and nothing is going to stop me” thinking. A full body and soul commitment to achieving it.

Now, where does this goal come from in the first place? A thought.

Stay with me.

How did this goal come to be? For example, I didn’t wake up one morning with my own business. It started as a thought. The last vacation you took – you didn’t just wake up on the beach unexpectedly one morning (unless your husband/wife planned it for you!). It started as a thought. A thought perhaps like “I’d love to go away. I need to feel the sun on my skin. I need a vacation!” And then away you went. If the thought instead was “I’m freezing cold. I need the sun on my skin. But I have no money, I don’t know how I can afford it. I wish I could go away” do you end up going away? Of course not.

This seems like a silly example, but it’s not. We have thoughts like this everyday – that inner critic – that get in our way. That prevent us from “getting to our beach”, whatever you “beach” may be. We have limiting beliefs and thoughts of fear, guilt, shame, and excuses. E.g “I don’t think I’m smart enough to start my own business.” “I’m too fat to go to the gym and be in front of others – I’m so embarrassed.” “I’ve been away from the kids all day, I can’t take time for me – I’d feel too guilty”. The list goes on.



1. Start listening to that inner critic – to that voice that limits you. Can you hear her? What’s she saying?

2. Write it down. Where is this coming from – is it you? Is it someone else?

3. Challenge it – talk back to it! I mean, come on – would you speak to your friend that way? Aford yourself the same kindness you’d afford others.

4. Now beside the inner-critic statement, write the TRUTH.

This will be difficult at first. That inner critic has been nattering on in our heads, holding us back, holding us in our comfort zone for YEARS! Be patient with yourself. Your big hairy-scary game-changing 2018 goal depends on it!

Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below or send me a PM – I’d love to hear from you.

Be Unstoppable!

Louise xo


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