When did you first see a need for the work MiraQle does?

I was watching TV one night and heard a voice on the soundtrack that sounded really familiar. When I looked it up, I realized it was our entertainment general manager! I instantly thought, “Wow, with that kind of voice, how come she didn’t become world-famous?” But because she didn’t have access to the kind of intense marketing that famous artists do, she never got the fame she deserves. We wanted to build a platform where we could find underappreciated artists that fans love and produce the music fans really want to listen to.

How has that experience driven your business forward?

This is a fan-driven, fan-centered platform in an industry motivated by corporations. We want fans to feel like they’re a part of the industry and give them the chance to produce the albums they want to listen to.

Where do you hope MiraQle is in five years?

We want fans across the world to be part of the music industry. We want them to be producers and consumers at the same time. We’re going to keep testing what we can do with our technologies and platforms, and as we keep growing, we can increase our presence in different parts of the music industry.

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