Just before this virus hit us, we had been going about our daily routines doing what we normally did without giving it too much thought. 

Then, Covid-19. Enter life altering changes. Suddenly, things as simple as visiting friends, shopping, a handshake or a hug ceased to exist or became things that we had to think deeply about. 

For the majority of us, life slowed, changed or stopped in ways we never imagined. But for others, they went into high gear. The First Responders. Their lives also changed in ways they never imagined. Many of them, not even being able to go home, we’re immediately put on the frontline to protect the rest of us. 

They go to work while many of us shelter in place. As we try to find hobbies to occupy us, they work relentlessly. They give their time, energy, talents and skills to protect and care for their fellowman. We consider them the true heroes of society. They are the real “Guardians Of Our Galaxy.” This video, created by Ronn David McPhatter, is our way to let them know we appreciate them. We support them. We cherish them. We respect them. We battle alongside them. We uplift them.