I have often wondered what is “true” appreciation. Most of us say thank you when given something and many of us actually take care of what was given. But I believe that appreciation begins with an understanding that we don’t own anything. But instead we become the temporary custodians of material items until the time they (the items) are returned to it’s place of origin. So, if there is no ownership then nothing can be “taken” from us.

If there is an attachment it is to the development, growth and maintenance of our character. This is the path to tapping into the higher self, unlocking the higher level chakras, taming your nafs, releasing the inner Buddha…being the optimal version of yourself. There is no attainment of this state when attached to the material things of this world. There is no attainment of this state when you’re pursuit is for material gain. Pursuit of more shows lack of appreciation for you have…lack of appreciation for what you have will seldom lead to any sustained happiness and/or success. In other words, you will never be satisfied with what you gain if you can’t be satisfied with what you have and the loss of what you have will lead to your ruin…


  • Khalif Ali

    Activist, Writer, Social Worker, Organizer...maybe an aspiring artist (stay tuned)