As you look to the header of this article you may ask yourself what does this mean?

Let me explain.

As I look to the horizon of 2019, I like many of you so desperately wish for our world to sit in a place of peace, not violence; security of mind, not fear. The last few years have shaken up many of us, as we have each day not only read and heard about violence, but may have witnessed this close up. At the same time, we have felt shocked and stunned, as many of the leaders of our world have conducted themselves in ways that have not served the people, the higher good. Throughout these big waves that have crashed against our hearts and minds we have each asked in frustration the same questions. Is there nothing we can do? Why do we feel so helpless? Are we?

As I read the news that filtrates through Facebook and the Internet, in almost every week I have seen articles on Lady Gaga, the wild rebel singer who took the music world by storm over a decade ago. This superstar uses her platform of celebrity to create awareness, bring forth kindness, and humility. From aiding the homeless to talking about mental health, her struggle with depression, and being a strong advocate for humanity, Lady Gaga has approached each day of her life knowing and believing she can make a difference, and she does.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. She is huge, a big mogul of a celebrity. Yes she is. However, in a way we each are. We are each the strongest players in our own life, we are our celebrity. And how we conduct ourselves each day has a ripple effect that affects each person that we encounter virtually or in person. This in itself is huge.

Lady Gaga conducts herself through kindness, and bringing forth awareness, not turning her back on the problems she sees, but confronting them no matter how difficult they appear. She believes we can change our world; that each person can. This is so much in alignment with all spiritual doctrines that we have been given life to bring forth positive vibrations, to help bring healing and joy. There is an age-old mantra in Sanskrit. The mantra is So-Hum, which in translation is I am That. This is a connector not only to our higher self and the Universe but to our higher self as it connects us to the inner power that we each innately have been given at birth. So Hum brings us to this understanding that we are each “That”, the pulse and breath of the Universe. And it is in this, that we can understand more deeply that we have the power to change and heal ourselves and our world.

To extend our hearts, to be kind, to call out injustice, to honor our pain and healing, to be open to diversity, to understand that each of us has the ability to gain more knowledge and understanding and so many other amazing things, is all within our power.

So as I watch Lady Gaga grow, elevate and claim her space in our world, I think would it not be just amazing if we each did this, to claim our space, to bring forth positive changes in our lives and our surroundings, our groups at work, friends, our community? Would it not be just so empowering to gaga our way into 2019?

2019 can be the year that we each claim this, and be the Lady Gaga in our own lives and our world and believe yes, we can!