International Be Kind to Lawyers Day was established in 2008 as way to lay off the lawyer jokes for one day and sincerely acknowledge these hardworking professionals who give and do so much for their clients. The work of lawyers is the invisible thread running through everything a business or organization accomplishes.

Here are 8 acts of kindness to show your lawyer some love (and most of them are free):

  1. Say thank you. Seems simple, right? But, lawyers are often blamed and rarely thanked. When they succeed, it’s viewed as “just doing their job” and when they fail, clients often don’t realize how bad they feel, how hard they tried and the beating they’re giving themselves. So, thank them for the effort. I have a client who regularly contacts me after sessions to say thank you. He paid for the service and doesn’t have to, but it makes both of us feel good.
  2. Refer a friend. Many lawyers view their work as a service and don’t like asking for business (for a multitude of reasons). When your lawyer is doing a great job, tell your friends about it. Make introductions without being asked.
  3. Give praise. Let your lawyers know, when they’ve gone above and beyond for you, how appreciated it is. And if they report to someone else, tell their boss about the great job they did.
  4. Post a shout-out. Wouldn’t it be nice to open your LinkedIn account and see kind words coming your way? Do that for your lawyer. Let everyone know you appreciate your lawyer. And mention their area of expertise.
  5. Just say yes. If your lawyer asks for an extension of time and it won’t cost you money, agree to it. It took a lot to ask and their well-being may be on the line.
  6. Send a gift. In professional relationships, it’s sometimes hard to know when giving a gift is appropriate or if you should be the one on the receiving end. For example, your lawyer gets you a fantastic result and also nets herself a big fee. Who thanks who? I say both. Send your lawyer a gift for her zealous advocacy and the personal sacrifices she most likely made on your behalf.
  7. Provide a testimonial. Surprise your lawyer with an unsolicited and detailed endorsement on LinkedIn. This also gives you a chance to interact with your network and provides an opportunity for your lawyer to make new connections.
  8. Ask how they’re doing. Sometimes it’s nice to simply hear that another person is interested in your well-being. It helps lawyers feel that their work matters and their efforts are noticed and appreciated.

Here’s to our lawyers! Happy Be Kind to Lawyers Day!