When creating a business, new entrepreneurs often start their path with one goal in mind. They have a clear vision of where they’re going until something changes. Maybe they learn that their strengths lie in another avenue, or their clients have taken on a side service that wasn’t the business’s main strategy. What if quite frankly, a new, small business evolves?

Are you glued into the brand you created for yourself at the beginning of your journey, or can you rebrand? How far into the future do you have to envision your path?

In the case of branding, that’s when it makes sense to turn to a professional that understands the dynamics that go along with growing a brand, when it entails, and how to help you define not only your present goals but where you see yourself going.

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Akela Hankins is a branding professional that offers words of wisdom and help to young businesses looking for a fresh start or older businesses in search of a new angle. When she speaks of a brand, she speaks of identity. It’s something that goes beyond a logo and name. It reaches into the core of who you are, your ideas, and your values. When it comes to branding, Akela of She is Brand, suggests looking at a five-year plan, and choosing a brand you can grow with.

It’s in seeking clarity that you find answers, and Akela teaches others how to find both clarity and confidence. It’s not just her branding business that caught our attention, though, but her desire to teach others how to develop their business sense and reach further.

Akela’s path led her to building resources that business owners can use to help propel them to the next step in their journey. Her superpower is in helping others dismantle self-doubt to show up. She’s been through the struggle herself and feels her God-given gift is to help others reach their goals through her creativity.

Photo Credit: Mike Lu & Makeup Artist: Courtney Crosson

There’s strength in remembering your successes, and in understanding how to stand back up if you fall down. It’s about not giving up. A big piece of the puzzle many business owners struggle with is when we compare ourselves to others. It’s easy to start thinking we’re not “enough” or as relevant as others in our lives or our businesses. We see their successes, but maybe not their failures, so it’s not a realistic view we’re looking at. Pushing beyond those thoughts is what gets you there. Not being afraid of the hurdles, and willing to climb over them will take you to the next level of growth.

It’s important to be the solution, versus being the problem in business. Be the answer. Be the person that steps up and gets things done with integrity and perseverance. We couldn’t agree more.

Photo Credit: Mike Lu & Makeup Artist: Courtney Crosson

This is a woman that not only built a business but a community to help other entrepreneurs. With a Facebook group, The Business Box, she shares knowledge, resources, and experiences with a group going through the entrepreneurship journey. By sharing these unique experiences and lifting up each other, there’s growth, a helpful spirit, and a sense of belonging.

So, no matter where you are in your new business, whether you’re just getting started and looking to grow your brand, consider where you see yourself five years from now, and look at sustainability in your branding efforts. But, know that there’s always room to grow, change, and pivot, and if that happens, Akela Hankins can help you rebrand.