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I’ve been talking to A LOT of business owners from all different industries and from all over the world and they are all suffering from the same symptoms of modern-day-business ownership – DISTRACTION and OVERWHELM.

These two destructive forces are literally keeping business owners stuck in a constant state of FEAR, and it’s time to stamp them out once and for all!


A lot of people are in a state of constant DISTRACTION, watching countless hours of free webinars, reading downloads, and scouring around for ‘the answer’.

This distraction is creating FEAR – fear of getting it wrong, fear they don’t know enough, fear that they can’t afford ‘the one thing’ they need to succeed.

This fear is causing an uncomfortable paralysis – a complete inability to move forward or take any action towards creating the business they desire or achieving their goals.

MY ADVICE: Unsubscribe. Block. Unfollow.

If all the noise is keeping you stuck, stop listening to it.

Focus on the basics – understand your audience, get your offer and messaging right, share your gifts with the world.

If you start doing THAT today, you’ll be MUCH further forward this time next week than you’ll be listening to the BoomBox of Business that’s drowning out your very sanity!

The fact of the matter is – you don’t NEED all that fancy stuff right at the start, you just need to START!


Again, noise is to blame for this.

We are bombarded by a constant scream of people telling us to:


The list could go on.

None of this advice is wrong as such, it’s actually all good advice – but the cumulative effect of this advice is causing us to feel massively overwhelmed.

This overwhelm leads to…you guessed it…fear.

It’s stopping us from actually doing anything for fear of getting it wrong.

MY ADVICE: Keep it Simple!

By overcomplicating it you are stopping yourself from progressing and literally taking money out of your bank account.

Get the BASICS right – FOCUS one One Offer.

Think about what it is you actually want to offer, make sure that offering is packed full of value and will deliver the absolute biggest and best results possible for your clients – and JUST OFFER THAT.

Stop jumping from thing to thing, stop trying to be all things to all men – just have one thing available that you are kick-ass good at, and offer it to the people you KNOW will benefit from it the most.

If you are starting out, like literally at the very beginning and you’ve never done this thing before – give it to a friend you know needs it, find one person out there who needs it, and give it to them too.

Hone your craft. Understand what works. Get your processes right.

THIS is what will give you the confidence to introduce VALUE EXCHANGE into your business, start selling your expertise, and get that money coming in.

So, there you have it.

It really is that simple – even though A LOT of people out there would have you believe otherwise.

FOCUS & CLARITY – that’s all you really need to kick the fear in the butt and get moving.

I genuinely want you to succeed. If you’ve realise that running a successful business is what you want, you are already ONE STEP CLOSER to achieving it.

Please do whatever it takes to block out the noise, stay focussed, and gain clarity around who you are, what you want to offer, and who you want to offer it to.

I absolutely 100% promise you that if you do just those three things over the next few weeks – you’ll have the foundations for the business of your dreams.


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